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This article demonstrates how to back up iPhone data to PC. The following is a powerful set of tools which will help you back up iPhone contacts, SMS messages, music, calendars, notes, and more. Backing up iPhone data on a regular basis allows you to retain access to iPhone songs, photos, contacts and more in case you choose to update to iOS 9 or in the event of iPhone loss or theft. The methods described below are valid for all the latest iOS devices including iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and iPod touch 6.

To back up iPhone contacts, messages, music, apps, photos, calendars, notes and more, we recommend our 4Pack that includes CopyTrans, CopyTrans Contacts, CopyTrans Photo and CopyTrans TuneSwift. To find out more about it, please refer to: 4Pack Info and Download

In the following steps we explain, how to:

Back up iPhone Contacts

You can back up iPhone contacts by using CopyTrans Contacts. Please refer to the following detailed tutorial in order to do so:
How to back up iPhone Contacts

use copytrans contacts to backup iphone contacts

Back up iPhone Apps and App data

Use the free CopyTrans Apps to back up iPhone apps, games, app documents, settings and game progress of your choice. The app-backup process proposed by CopyTrans Apps is simple and gives you full control over which apps and app data to back up. It works independently of iTunes and iCloud. Here’s CopyTrans Apps in action:

Important information concerning app backup under iOS 9!

How to back up iPhone apps and app data

copytrans apps to backup iphone apps

Back up iPhone Music and Videos

You can use CopyTrans in order to back up iPhone music and apps to a PC. For a complete tutorial on how to back up iPhone audio/video tracks, playlists, apps and more to your computer, please consult this detailed tutorial:
How to back up iPhone Music and Apps

backup iphone music using copytrans

Back up iPhone Photos

CopyTrans Photo makes it easy to back up iPhone photos to your computer. To learn more about how to back up photos from iPhone to PC, please refer to the following detailed how-to:
How to back up iPhone Photos

backup iphone photos with copytrans photo

Back up iPhone Calendar

Use CopyTrans Contacts to back up iPhone calendar events to a PC. Refer to this detailed manual about how to do so:
How to back up iPhone Calendar

copytrans contacts window showing iphone calendar

Back up iPhone Notes

Backing up iPhone notes is easy with CopyTrans Contacts. Simply follow these quick directions:
How to back up iPhone Notes

main program window showing iphone notes ready for backup

Back up iPhone SMS Messages

To back up iPhone text messages such as SMS or iMessage use CopyTrans Contacts by following the directions outlined below:
How to back up iPhone SMS text messages

iphone complete backup with copytrans contacts

  • Backing up iPhone text messages with CopyTrans Contacts gives you the flexibility of choosing the format in which to save your iPhone SMS or iMessage conversations to the PC backup iphone sms in multiple formats

iOS backup and restore without iTunes

Use the free CopyTrans Shelbee to create full-featured iOS backups to PC of iPhone settings, contacts, calendars, messages, app documents, Camera Roll, etc. without the need for iTunes. Easily restore from any PC. Find out more about CopyTrans Shelbee:
Full iOS backup and restore without iTunes

copytrans shelbee main window allowing to backup and restore iphone

This is how easy it is to back up iPhone to PC.

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