CopyTrans 6 Pack

6 Windows apps for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod

  • Manage iPhone contacts from your PC
  • Transfer iPhone photos to your PC and back
  • Download or delete iCloud photos
  • Back up your iPhone without iTunes
  • Transfer iPhone music to PC & iTunes
  • Back up and restore iTunes library
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Simple apps for a better iPhone + Windows experience

CopyTrans Contacts

Manages your iPhone contacts, messages, calendars, and notes

CopyTrans Contacts lets you edit, transfer, and backup sensible iPhone data such as contacts, calendars, text messages, WhatsApp chat history, and more. Escape from iCloud or embrace the new way of managing different cloud services from your PC.

CopyTrans Contacts interface

CopyTrans Photo

Transfers photos and videos from PC to iPhone and back

CopyTrans Photo brings an easy two-way transfer of iPhone and iPad pictures and videos to your computer. Simply drag and drop the shots from and to your iPad and PC or create and fill new iPhone albums with photos and videos.

CopyTrans Photo interface

CopyTrans Cloudly

Downloads, deletes, and rescues all your photos from iCloud

CopyTrans Cloudly is a triumph to the iCloud Photo Library management. Downloads and deletes all content from the iCloud Photo Library in one click, unlike the inconvenient existing solutions. As a bonus it can retrieve deleted iCloud photos that are still stored on the Apple servers.

CopyTrans Cloudly interface

CopyTrans Shelbee

Back up and restore iPhone without iTunes

Custom restore is the new CopyTrans Shelbee feature: it lets you restore only the data you need. Choose which data you want to restore to your new iPhone: you can restore only photos, contacts, calendars, notes, settings, Camera Roll photos and videos, app data, SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp, Viber, Line conversations, and much more.

CopyTrans Shelbee interface


Transfers songs from iPod, iPad & iPhone to PC or iTunes

CopyTrans is a one-click solution to fill your iTunes library with your iPhone, iPad or iPod music, videos, playlists, and more. Back up your iPhone content to your computer or an external drive, customize your backup folder structure and select the tracks to back up.

CopyTrans interface

CopyTrans TuneSwift

Transfers and saves iTunes libraries

CopyTrans TuneSwift is a small and powerful tool for backing up and transferring your entire iTunes library. Free up disc space and move your iTunes library to a new drive, migrate your iTunes library from a PC to a PC or a Mac, or save full and incremental copies of your iTunes library.

CopyTrans TuneSwift interface

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I was able to recover a screen time password without erasing my iPad. Thanks!

Published 2 days ago

By Zoraida torres, 2 days ago

Spectacular product! Apple really needs to learn from this company and make it this easy to copy/save/transfer/etc. So glad these apps exist! Can't recommend them enough! Absolutely no regrets about purchasing the entire suite of apps.

Published 2 days ago

By Abraham, 2 days ago

Very convenient and easy to use

Published 4 days ago

By Dale, 4 days ago

Does exactly what it claims, and it does it well. Buy it!

Published 4 days ago

By Larry, 4 days ago

very good

Published 5 days ago

By Vinod sharma, 5 days ago

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