CopyTrans Photo

Transfer photos from iPhone to computer and back

Back up all iOS photos to computer in one click

Transfer photos and albums between iPhone and PC

Clean your iPhone photo library

Convert HEIC images to JPEG

CopyTrans Photo interface
CopyTrans Photo interface
Simple drag and drop
HEIC and ProRAW support
EXIF data preserved
All iOS versions and devices

Transfer photos between iPhone and Windows

Transfer photos and videos from iPhone to a Windows computer and from PC to iPhone. An intuitive interface will allow you to see all the photos in one screen, preview them and transfer to iPhone or PC in a single drag-and-drop motion. Move a couple of photos over or export an entire album – it’s all up to you!

CopyTrans Photo will handle your photos, videos, live photos, bursts, portraits, time-lapse and panoramas, and also preserve geolocation stamps and date taken.

Transfer photos from iPhone to PC

Convert HEIC to JPEG

By default, iPhone takes your photos in HEIC – a highly efficient photo format.

CopyTrans Photo knows its way around HEIC files and will allow you to save them in the original format or convert upon transfer.

If you have HEIC photos on your PC and would like to convert them to JPEG, leave it to CopyTrans Photo – it will be done with no hiccups.

convert heic to jpg

Back up all iPhone photos in one click

Make an exact copy of your iPhone photo library on PC in one click. It will include all the images from Camera Roll, all the albums will be neatly placed in separate folders.

The date and location stamps will be preserved, and you can choose to convert HEIC photos to JPEG if you wish.

Download to the same folder to back up only the latest files.

Organize iPhone photos with CopyTtrans Photo

Live photos support

Did you know you could transfer live photos to a Windows PC and even back? Well, CopyTrans Photo makes it possible.

If you transfer a live photo to PC, the app will create two files, one image and one video. If you import these two files back to iPhone, they will become a live photo again!

Apple ProRAW support

Become a photographer with just your iPhone in a pocket.

Capture images in Apple ProRAW format and use CopyTrans Photo to transfer them to PC for further editing.

CopyTrans Photo HEIC and ProRaw support

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Add, delete or export iPhone albums

Shake off the frustration of trying to manage iPhone photos with iTunes.

Create, export or import iPhone albums to computer. Sort pictures and videos inside albums by name, size or date taken – become the true master of your iPhone library!

Preview and delete iPhone photos

If you’re planning to clean your iPhone photo library, look no further than CopyTrans Photo.

See all of your photos full-screen before deleting them, or just sweep through multiple icons picking out the images you no longer need.

structure in ctp

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CopyTrans Photo:

4.3 out of 5 based on 2179 User Reviews
Once I read the directions it worked great!
1 week ago
Washington, United States
Been using CopyTrans for many years without any problems, just renewed CopyTrans photo's without a hitch, well worth it.
2 weeks ago
Bilston, United Kingdom
Installed without issue on my Win 11 laptop but had to click on Full Backup x4 to get all my wife's photos from her iPhone 12. Had a lot of difficulty with the installation to my Win 10 desktop, specifically getting the registration key accepted. Problem stemmed from Acronis dll files conflicting with those from CopyTrans. The support I received from Justine at CopyTrans was gracious, continuous across many emails and I would rate the support as excellent. Once the installation completed the CopyTrans Photo app worked flawlessly with my iPhone 8. I would recommend this company and this app. Wish they had a lifetime license instead of just 2 years...I would gladly pay more for that.
2 weeks ago
Arroyo Grande, United States

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Secure & always compatible

Our program works with all iOS versions.

Safety and Security

CopyTrans Photo is renowned as a secure and stable application. Like all other CopyTrans programs, it is free from ad-, spy- or malware.


CopyTrans Photo supports all iPhone and iPad models and was designed for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7.