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If you are reading this, you probably spend a lot of time organizing iPad photos in albums. Don’t spend even more time trying to transfer those albums to PC. All you see when you access the iPad on your computer is a set of random photo folders that have nothing to do with the albums created on the device. So what’s next? ipad internal storage dcim photo folder

This is how to transfer iPad albums to PC with CopyTrans Photo:

Transfer all albums created on iPad to PC

  1. Download CopyTrans Photo on the PC from the following page Download CopyTrans Photo now

  2. Run CopyTrans Photo and connect the iPad. The iPad albums appear listed on the far left pane main copytrans photo window with ipad connected

  3. Click “Full Backup” full backup button in copytrans photo

  4. Select or create the folder where to back up the iPad photos and albums and click OK create photo backup folder

  5. The backup is in progress. Stand-by until it completes. transfer of ipad photos to pc in progress

All the iPad albums and their photo contents are now transferred to the PC folder of your choice. pc folder with copied ipad albums and photos

Transfer specific photo album from iPad to PC

  1. Download CopyTrans Photo and connect the iPad. The iPad albums show on the far left hand side pane while the PC folders appear on the far right side ipad albums and pc folders shown in main copytrans photo window

  2. Now drag and drop the iPad album to a directory in the PC folders pane drag and drop ipad album to computer

  3. Click “Apply changes”. apply changes button in copytrans photo

The photos from the iPad album are transferred to the PC folder with the same name. ipad album with photos on computer

This is how to transfer albums created on iPad to PC.

For users on iOS 11 and iOS 12

Apple introduced a new default photo format in iOS 11. If you are using any of the recent iPhone models starting from iPhone 7, you will most likely have some of your photos transferred in HEIC format.

To view your HEIC pictures on Windows, use CopyTrans HEIC for Windows – a simple tool that allows you to open and view HEIC files using the native Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Explorer.

View and open HEIC files on Windows
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