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Your iPhone Photos Magically Integrated Into Windows Explorer

Access your iPhone photos and albums directly from Windows Explorer

Back up all your iPhone photos in 1-click or automatically

See your Live Photo in motion

Automatically Convert HEIC to JPEG

View and open HEIC photos on your Windows PC

Your iPhone natively integrated into Windows Explorer

What is CopyTrans Studio?

Introducing CopyTrans Studio: the ultimate bridge between your iPhone photos and your PC. Experience seamless integration, allowing direct access to your cherished memories right from Windows Explorer.

With just a single click, back up all your photos, or let our automatic backup do the work. Enjoy the convenience of wireless support, eliminating the need for cables.

Organize with Smart Albums, effortlessly categorizing photos by location, date, or other metadata. Convert HEIC images to JPEG with ease and view Live Photos in their full glory.

At CopyTrans, we value your privacy and prioritize your data security. No cloud, no fuss — just a straightforward, efficient solution for all your iPhone photo needs.

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Access iPhone Photos the easy way

CopyTrans Studio integrates your iPhone photo library directly into Windows Explorer. No need to learn a new interface — access iPhone photos and albums the same way you open a folder on a computer. Do you want to copy them to your PC? Do a simple drag & drop!

Access iPhone Photo from Windows Explorer

Automatically Back up iPhone Photos

Keep your iPhone photos safe on a PC: back them up to a computer or an external hard drive in 1-click. Or, set an automatic backup and let CopyTrans Studio do it for you!

Automatic iPhone Photo Backup

View HEIC & Live Photo on your PC

CopyTrans Studio comes with CopyTrans Viewer, a built-in free photo viewer that supports HEIC, Live Photo and all Apple tricky photo formats. Don’t want to deal with HEIC on Windows? Convert your HEIC files to JPG in a single click!

View and Convert HEIC photo to jpeg

What is the difference between CopyTrans Studio & CopyTrans Photo?

Features CopyTrans Studio CopyTrans Photo
View Camera Roll photos
Full photo and video backup in 1 click
Transfer photos and videos to PC
Transfer Albums to PC
Convert .heic to .jpeg on transfer
Drag and Drop transfer
Live Photo support
Batch conversion of .heic to .jpeg on PC
Automatic photo backup
Integrated in Windows Explorer
Supports WiFi connection
Save Live photos in .jpeg + .mov or only in .jpeg
Save only edited photos or edited + original
Change file names of photos
Organize photos with Smart Albums
Sort photos by Date, Location, People and more
Save photos by Date, Location, People and more
Display iPhone Favorites album
Sort and Extract photos by Media type

Frequently asked questions

What is CopyTrans Studio?
CopyTrans Studio is the next generation of iOS Photo Management. It integrates your device directly into Windows Explorer and lets you explore your photo library the same way you open a folder on your PC. Please find a detailed list of the available features here.
How do I install CopyTrans Studio?
CopyTrans Studio is easy to install. Find everything you need to start off your journey to seamless photo transfer here.
How to back up my iPhone Photo Library?
Please refer to this article to learn how to back up your iPhone photo library in a few clicks.
What is Smart Album and how to use it?
Smart Album is a revolutionary feature that creates unique photo albums based on your own criteria. Please find a guide on How To Use Smart Albums here.
What is the built-in photo viewer?
CopyTrans Studio comes with a special photo viewer: CopyTrans Viewer. Say goodbye to Apple tricky formats: CopyTrans Viewer lets you open HEIC, Live Photo, Video and all the other photo formats on Windows.
How to Convert HEIC photos to JPG?
The famous CopyTrans HEIC is now integrated with CopyTrans Studio. It helps you to view and convert HEIC files to JPG directly in Windows Explorer. Do a simple right-click on the files that you want to convert, select “Convert to JPG” and voilà! Learn more here.
Where can I find video user guides?
Learn how to use CopyTrans Studio like a Pro with our video tutorials.

CopyTrans Studio now!

  • Access your iPhone and iPad Photos as if they are stored on a USB
  • Use 1-Click Backup or Automatic Backup to never lose a photo anymore
  • Convert HEIC pictures directly on your PC
  • View Live Photo in motion and all Apple tricky formats on your PC with a built-in viewer