We are CopyTrans

We create easy solutions for the daily use of iPhones on Windows

About CopyTrans

Our first product, CopyTrans, started in 2004 out of curiosity during a windsurf trip in Western Australia and quickly became one of the most popular ways to backup the iPod music back to iTunes.

We have been developing software to facilitate the management of iPhones on Windows computers for more than 10 years.

Contact us

Ursa Minor Ltd

1st Floor Felix House
24 Dr. Joseph Rivière
11602 Port Louis

by email: copytrans@copytrans.net – for technical support

by phone: +230 218 1307 during business hours (UTC+4) – for administrative questions

Legal information

CopyTrans® is a registered trademark of Ursa Minor Ltd. All other trademarks referenced on our website are the property of their respective owners. Ursa Minor Ltd. is not affiliated with Apple Inc.