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CopyTrans Control Center Interface


Install CopyTrans Control Center

It will give you access to all CopyTrans programs and let you know when there is an update available.

For help, refer to our installation guide

Install CopyTrans Control Center
*Use CopyTrans Control Center to install, run and update any CopyTrans application.


Choose and install the application

Find the program you want to use, hover over it with your mouse pointer and click on the Install button that appears.

See also: CopyTrans Control Center User Guide

Install apps using CopyTrans Control Center
*Here is how to install CopyTrans Shelbee using our Control Center.
Any other app can be installed in the same way!


Launch the app

Once the application has finished downloading, click on the Start button to begin your work.

Our user guides for each application will help

Launch CopyTrans app from CTCC
*Just click on Start, and the app will spring to life!


Click on Learn more to see all the features

Head to our website and discover how to use the program to its full potential!

Learn more about CopyTrans applications
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