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Backup and restore iPhone without iTunes

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Restore selected items from iPhone backup

Custom restore is the new CopyTrans Shelbee feature. It lets you restore only the data you need.

Choose which data you want to restore to your new iPhone: you can restore just photos, contacts, calendars, notes, settings, Camera Roll photos and videos, app data, SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp, Viber, Line conversations and much more.

Custom restore

SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp restore

If you get a new iPhone and decide to keep just your message history, you can use CopyTrans Shelbee to transfer SMS, iMessage and WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone from backup in a few clicks.

You can either make a new backup with CopyTrans Shelbee or restore your messages from an old iTunes backup.

Restore SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp from backup

Backup and restore your iPhone

It’s important to make regular backups of your iPhone in case something happens to it.

CopyTrans Shelbee lets you back up and restore your iPhone without the need of iTunes or iCloud.

Backup and restore iPhone without iTunes

Full and Incremental iPhone Backups

Unlike iTunes, CopyTrans Shelbee lets you choose to make either full or incremental backups.

Incremental backups allow you to save only the latest iPhone changes, which helps saving disk space on your computer.

Full Restore

Select a backup location

Full Restore

iTunes doesn’t let you change the backup location, but CopyTrans Shelbee does!

You can choose to backup to any folder on your computer, or even decide to backup to a USB stick or to an external hard drive.

Backup History

CopyTrans Shelbee keeps previous iPhone backups safe and organized for a clear overview of your restore options.

Choose backup location

More features

CopyTrans Shelbee vs iTunes

Feature CopyTrans
Change backup location
Incremental backup
Restore selected data only
Backup notifications
Backup validation

What people say about CopyTrans Shelbee

Great application, transferring data from one phone to another is very intuitive and easy.


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This is a fantastic app. Remember, this is a "Copy" data of the original iTunes. If you have your calendar, tasks, etc linked to your PC you would still need to do the original backup with iTunes to have all your data synced, then you can use CopyTrans to free disk space. Or you can do a straight backup from your phone. Either way this app is exceptionally reliable.


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it's a very good product. BUT I previously bought the full package (incl Shelby which was 'free' at the time) - so cheeky of copytrans to now charge me to buy Shelby (again) so I could continue using it, when I have already paid to buy the full suite in the past! Users should beware that if they depend on a SaaS product like copytrans for backup, if they change the rules - you just have to pay up. (disappointing to see copytrans behaving like this)


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Works great!! I had a problem re storing my iPhone and lost all my notes and photos. I could not find them anywhere on iTunes or iCloud. But this CopyTrans Shelbee found everything for me. Just sad Apple doesn’t make stuff user friendly. CopyTrans Shelbee is super easy to use!!! And a great price I found other companies asking for $70 for similar software this cost only $19.99


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Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10