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iOS 16 and iTunes v. compatibility report

Sept 12, 2022: iOS 16 was released! You can read about what’s new in this great article by The Verge. While you are exploring all the features of the new Apple creation, we are here with an updated compatibility report. Compatibility with iOS 16.4 and iTunes Program iOS 16.4 compatibility iTunes compatibility iPhone […]

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How to restore iPhone 6 ways

How to restore iPhone

The 21st century induced rapid changes in technological tools, providing a broader range of opportunities. However, sometimes technology can fail, forcing you to restore iPhone to make things work smoothly again. Whether you are looking to restore iPhone from iTunes backup or iCloud – we will tell you of all the methods we know and […]

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Why my iPhone wont update

Why won’t my Phone update?

Updating to the latest iOS will allow you to enjoy the new features. The new version will also fix bugs and security issues of the older version. So, updating your iOS regularly is recommended. However, there are times when you may not be able to update your iPhone. Some of you might have encountered this […]

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How to backup Candy Crush saga with scores

How to backup Candy Crush progress on iPhone?

Losing your Candy Crush Saga game progress is no fun. How many jelly beans, lemon drops and lollipops did you move around before reaching the Crunchy Castle in World Three? Let us show you how to backup Candy Crush from your iPhone along with game progress and how to transfer it to another iOS device! […]

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Save Snapchat videos and photos to PC

How to save Snapchat videos and photos from iPhone to PC

Snapchat’s appeal has long been the idea of sending ephemeral photo- or video messages that disappear forever a few seconds after being viewed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t save Snapchat messages. Quite the contrary. Saving Snapchat videos and photos is easy There exist a myriad of ways to save and backup Snapchat videos […]

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CopyTrans doesn't support Windows XP

CopyTrans is dropping Windows XP support

Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows XP in 2014. 5 years later, CopyTrans stops providing support for Windows XP as well. In the table below you can find which versions of CopyTrans software support Windows XP. Program XP compatible Version CopyTrans Contacts v1.806 CopyTrans Photo v4.206 CopyTrans v5.531 CopyTrans TuneSwift v2.604 CopyTrans Manager v1.200 CopyTrans Shelbee […]

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iOS 12 compatibility with CopyTrans

iOS 12 and iTunes v12.10 compatibility report

UPDATE: Apple released iTunes on September, 12 2019. Apple released iOS 12.4.1 on August, 27 2019. You can read more here. During the annual conference, Apple introduced 3 new iPhone models – iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max. While you are choosing the color of your future iPhone, we are one step […]

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CopyTrans team

Welcome to the blog

What keeps you up at night? The vibrating iPhone of your top-floor general-practitioner neighbor when she receives a call on silent – that’s what keeps me awake, at times. If your world is defined by technology – by accident – make a cup of coffee and come join the whirr. Hello and a warm welcome […]

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Transfer GoPro videos to iPad and iPhone

How to transfer GoPro videos to iPad or iPhone?

Importing your favorite high-definition GoPro videos to iPad or iPhone is easier than shooting them. Especially if you are into recording your whitewater rafting endeavors. Once you are back to the comfort of your armchair, you might want to share away the adrenaline-soaked moments of joy. Why not use the large screen of your iPad […]

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brainstorming apps

6 genius apps that should already exist

So we recently started brainstorming new apps. Naturally, some of them were insane – during one brainstorming session, an app for goats was mentioned. Some of them were pretty good though, we thought. But then we looked at our team, looked at our capabilities, and had to nix some ideas. Anyway, we decided not to […]

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