restore deleted apps on iphone

How to restore apps on iPhone

We are often forced to remove iOS apps due to limited iPhone space. Other times we accidentally delete an app on iPhone, misplace it while decluttering the Home Screen, or it seems to suddenly disappear on its own! But it doesn’t mean we’ve lost it forever. Here’s how to restore lost or deleted apps on […]

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how to transfer from iphone to iphone

How to transfer from iPhone to iPhone

Apparently there are 3 basic methods to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone in iOS 15: Quick Start; restoring from an iCloud or iTunes backup; restoring from a backup made with 3rd party software. 💡 If you have already set up your new iPhone then the data created during this period will be lost if […]

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iTunes backup error

My iPhone won’t backup to iTunes

We frequently get many support requests to help our users because their iPhone won’t back up to iTunes. For instance, we received this message from a customer the other day: And, frankly, he is not the only one who was surprised by the way iTunes manages (or fundamentally fails to manage) iOS devices. If you […]

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iphone contacts missing issue

iPhone contacts missing: bring them back

“And suddenly all my iPhone contacts are gone.” Various iterations of one and the same phrase persistently appear in online discussions as the matter raises a few eyebrows. What causes countless iPhone users to lose contacts so suddenly and so unexpectedly? This article will guide you through possible reasons, ways to prepare, prevent and ultimately […]

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iOS 15 compatibility report

iOS 15.0.2, iPadOS 15.0.2 and iTunes v. compatibility report

20 Sept 2021: iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 have been released! You can read about what’s new in this great article by The Verge. While you are exploring all the features of the new Apple creation, we are here with an updated compatibility report. Compatibility with iOS 15.0.2 and iTunes Program iOS 15.0.2 […]

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Comparison of 9 Data recovery softwares

[2021] Best data recovery software

Everybody knows that it’s very difficult to recover the lost iPhone data. Maybe you deleted it accidently, or maybe you lost your iPhone, it doesn’t matter. The thing is that we understand how disappointed you are, and we have a good solution for you! In this article we compare 9 data recovery software for you. […]

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how to switch iphones

How to switch iPhones

Wondering how to switch iPhones without losing the most valuable information? This guide covers all the points you need to know on how to transfer data from one iPhone to another. Here is a brief overview of what we are going to do to switch iPhones: How to transfer data from one iPhone to another […]

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apple id hacked

Apple ID hacked

Once you’ve had your Apple ID hacked, a hacker can change your password, remotely erase or lock your iPhone, or even make purchases with it! As soon as you start having a bad feeling about your Apple ID, you do need to act quickly. Our guide will give you a helping hand and show how […]

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why won't my iPhone turn on

iPhone won’t turn on

Apple has established a strong reputation as a manufacturer of intuitive, reliable, and powerful products. However, not a single device is safe from freezing or a broken touchscreen after a sudden drop. If your iPhone won’t turn on or has frozen, our troubleshooting guide will help you restart your device or turn it off without […]

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How to recover deleted whatsapp messages

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but WhatsApp is where she stores her friendly chats. Gender matters aside, messengers are an important part of our lives, and no one wants to part from their message history. Life is unpredictable though, and if you are here it means that you are looking for how to […]

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