Why is iPhone getting hotter

Why does my iPhone get hot?

Have you ever noticed that your iPhone is unusually hot? This is not uncommon among iPhone users. While it’s normal for electronic devices to generate some heat during usage, a prolonged rise in temperature of a mobile device should alert you. If your iPhone gets hot, then you first need to make it clear how […]

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How long doest it take to restore iPhone

How Long Does It Take to Restore iPhone?

So, you’ve started your iPhone recovery, but it just keeps going on and on… So, how long does it actually take to restore an iPhone? Is it possible to make the process faster, and what happens if you press “cancel”? No matter what is the reason why you are restoring your device: iPhone wasn’t functionning […]

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Why my iPhone wont update

Why won’t my Phone update?

Updating to the latest iOS will allow you to enjoy the new features. The new version will also fix bugs and security issues of the older version. So, updating your iOS regularly is recommended. However, there are times when you may not be able to update your iPhone. Some of you might have encountered this […]

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How to fix iPhone data recovery

iPhone Attempting Data Recovery

Our phones are a big part of our lives, so the slightest device malfunction or data loss can be unpleasant. One of the problems faced by iPhone users is the “iPhone is trying to recover data” message. It appears after unexpectedly turning off or rebooting the phone. This message is scary and we understand why. […]

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iOS 17 release and compatibility

iOS 17 and iTunes v.12.12 compatibility report

Sept 19, 2023: iOS 17 was released! Read this article to prepare your iPhone for iOS 17 release. Compatibility with iOS 17 and iTunes v12.12.10.1 Program iOS 17 compatibility iTunes v12.12.10.1 compatibility iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max compatibility CopyTrans v6.401 compatible compatible* compatible CopyTrans Contacts v2.300 compatible compatible compatible CopyTrans Photo […]

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device is not functioning

A device attached to the system is not functioning

You have taken superb photos with your iPhone and want to copy them to the PC to view them on a large screen. You connect your iPhone to the PC, but suddenly there is an error message that runs: A device attached to the system is not functioning. What does this message: “A device connected […]

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how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone

How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone

Do you take beautiful shots on your camera but want to enjoy those pics on your phone? Or do you have photos from an old iPhone, or maybe even an Android saved on your computer? Or some other reasons, but the result is one and only. You want to transfer photos from PC to iPhone! […]

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iOS 16 and iTunes v.12.12 compatibility report

Sept 12, 2022: iOS 16 was released! Read this article to prepare your iPhone for iOS 17 release. You can read about what’s new in this great article by The Verge. While you are exploring all the features of the new Apple creation, we are here with an updated compatibility report. Compatibility with iOS 16.6 […]

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What to do before updating to iOS 17

What to do before updating to iOS 17?

Every fall, Apple announces a release of a new iPhone operating system version – iOS. This year, we are expecting iOS 17 with lots of big changes. As in previous years, hundreds of thousands of users will receive an update notification and will hit the “Agree” button. And just as years before, a lot of […]

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transfer photos from iPhone to PC

How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC – 8 ways

Nowadays, an iPhone is not just a means of communication, it is a whole world that stores a lot of important information, such as photos. However, managing and organizing these precious moments can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when it comes to transferring photos from iPhone to PC. Why copy iPhone photos to PC? […]

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