what happens if you delete a backup

What happens if you delete a backup

What is a backup? It’s an important file that saves the most important information on your iPhone. And the most popular place to save it is in iCloud space. Using iCloud backup will help you to restore it on your iPhone when you lose all your data. But what happens when you delete iCloud backup? […]

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iphone apps disappeared

iPhone apps disappeared

Have you ever encountered an annoying situation where an app disappeared from iPhone? This can be perplexing and make you wonder what happened and how to restore them. If you have the same problem and some of your apps accidentally disappeared or are not displayed on the home screen, then this article is for you! […]

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Why can't I import photos from iPhone to PC

[13 tips] How to fix “can’t import photos from iPhone”

iPhone users face various problems when they want to import photos or videos to their computers. For example, they can’t import photos from iPhone to PC, or they have imported photos but they are not displayed, etc. This article describes 13 solutions for iPhone users who can’t import photos from their iPhone to a computer […]

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Photos not uploading to iCloud

Photos not uploading to iCloud

Hey Team! I think that iCloud has a lot of advantages, and it is easy to use. I sync all my photos and videos with the cloud, but lately, I have had problems with it. My photos not uploading to iCloud! Please, help me! How to upload videos and photos to iCloud? Thank you, Jacob […]

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Save Snapchat videos and photos to PC

How to save Snapchat videos and photos from iPhone to PC

Snapchat is a popular mobile application that allows users to share photos and videos for a limited time. These short-term posts are the main feature of the app. But for those wondering, there are ways to save videos and photos on Snapchat to your phone’s camera roll and save all the content for a long […]

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how to transfer from iphone to iphone

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

Do you have a new iPhone and want to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone? Are you afraid of losing valuable contacts, photos, and other important files in the process? Whether you are upgrading to a new iPhone model or you just need to switch to a new device, data transfer is crucial to ensure […]

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iTunes could not backup iPhone

Why won’t my iPhone backup

Many users feel frustrated with the way iTunes manages (or essentially fails to manage) iOS devices. You’d be surprised by the amount of emails we receive daily saying that their iPhone won’t backup to iTunes. To make our life easier, we decided to summarize all iTunes backup issues in one place and provide the actual […]

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Transfer photos from iPhone to PC 10 ways

How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC – 10 ways

Nowadays, an iPhone is not just a means of communication, it is a whole world that stores a lot of important information, such as photos. However, managing and organizing these precious moments can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when it comes to transferring photos from iPhone to PC. Why copy iPhone photos to PC? […]

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why cant i screen record

Why can’t I screen record

Hello, Yesterday I wanted to record part of a live stream on Instagram on my iPhone and came across the screen recording not working issue. I have enabled the option on my device but still encounter this annoying problem. Why can’t I screen record? Best regards, James A recording of actions on the iPhone screen […]

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How to post to Instagram from pc

How to post on Instagram from PC

Instagram doesn’t allow you to post directly from computer. As a result, many photographers wonder how to post on Instagram from PC. Maybe you have already tried these methods, but had no luck: ❌ move photos to PC ➔ email them to yourself ➔ open photos on your iPhone ➔ post on Instagram; ❌ use […]

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