Transfer GoPro videos to iPad and iPhone

How to transfer GoPro videos to iPad or iPhone?

Importing your favorite high-definition GoPro videos to iPad or iPhone is easier than shooting them. Especially if you are into recording your whitewater rafting endeavors.

Once you are back to the comfort of your armchair, you might want to share away the adrenaline-soaked moments of joy. Why not use the large screen of your iPad instead of the tiny display of the actioncam? Here’s how quick it is to transfer any actioncam MP4 video files to your iPad.

Let’s copy high-def GoPro videos to iPhone or iPad

NEW! Transfer GoPro videos to iPad and iPhone with CopyTrans Photo v4

The new CopyTrans Photo is all about helping you transfer and back up all the moments you care about. Until now, it’s been bits captured in static images. Now, we’ve also included support for the moments and stories that live around your videos. It works with .MOV and .MP4 video formats so it’s ideal for transferring GoPro videos.

How to transfer GoPro videos from PC to iPhone

  1. First, get the free VLC iOS app by VideoLAN on your iPad. vlc player for ipad The VLC app allows you to play any videos in MP4 format on the iPhone or iPad such as the high-def ones shot by your actioncam

  2. Next, on your PC, download the free CopyTrans Apps Beta

    Click here to download CopyTrans Apps
  3. Run CopyTrans Apps and connect the iPad to the PC. The iPad app icons appear in the program window ipad apps appear in main copytrans window

  4. Connect the GoPro camera to your PC via the USB cable and make sure that it appears as a disk drive within “My Computer” gopro camera appears as removable drive under my computer

  5. Back to the CopyTrans Apps program window, select the VLC app from the list vlc application selected within main copytrans window

  6. Click on the “Add documents” button at the bottom right of the main window add documents button in copytrans apps

  7. From the newly-appeared window, browse to the GoPro camera storage until you see the MP4 video files saved there. Select the files you wish to transfer and hit “Open” browse for mp4 video files on gopro camera

  8. The video files are added to the VLC app on your iPad list of mp4 videos in vlc app on ipad as seen from copytrans apps window

  9. You can now view the video files directly on the iPad or iPhone by opening them from the VLC app high definition gopro videos in vlc library on ipad

Useful tips:

  • To transfer the photos you took with your actioncam, use CopyTrans Photo by following the quick tutorial below

    Learn how to transfer actioncam photos to iPad

  • If you are a lucky owner of a Remote-Compatible GoPro HERO3, you can also use the official GoPro iOS app to connect to the camera and to copy photos and videos to your iPad or iPhone. official gopro app for ipad

That’s it. Enjoy your newly-transferred GoPro videos on your iPad or iPhone!

  • Tom, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll see what I can do. If the problem is really big as you describe it, I will certainly create a guide around it! Cheers 🙂

  • Eske Rahn

    Try using the general Documents 5 app rather than VLC, it will handle a LOT of other file types as well. .mov, .mp3, .mp4, .pdf, .doc, .rtf, …… A perfect match for CopyTrans Apps

    If you got your .mp3 in a file tree structure, with albums as the lowest level, you can just drag the entire upper folder in CopyTrans Apps, and when playing in D5, it will nicely transfer from track 01 to 02 etc.

  • Why not using official GoPro app called “Capture”. It has an import feature built in. Very easy to use by the way. Transferring photos and videos are done in one click.

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Personally, I’ve never used Capture app, so I can’t recommend it. But thanks for the tip, that’s another way of doing it, I guess 🙂

    • Harnake ‘Nick’ Singh Sahota

      Its great for transferring images however some video cant be transferred due to file size – copytrans looks to be a good solution to that!