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We store photos on the PC but there’s no direct solution to transfer photos from computer to iPhone. In this article you will learn 2 ways how to put photos from computer to iPhone, including:

  • various formats,
  • edits (e.g. filters),
  • date taken and other information.

The following methods work perfectly for any iPhone as well as iPad and iPod touch.

Choose how you want to put pictures from computer to iPhone:

  1. Transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes
  2. Sync photos to iPhone via iTunes

How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone

If you are looking for an easy way to get pictures from a computer to an iPhone without iTunes, you’ve come to the right place. The method described below allows you not only to transfer photos and videos from computer to iTunes, but also manage your Photo Library. Let’s get to it:

  1. To import photos from PC to iPhone, download CopyTrans Photo from the following page:

    Download CopyTrans Photo

  2. Start CopyTrans Photo and connect your iPhone (iPad or iPod touch). iPhone photos are displayed on the left while the PC photos appear on the right.iPhone photos and PC photos

  3. From the far right pane, select a PC folder from where you want to copy photos. Then select the photos you wish to transfer to the iPhone. TIP: To select multiple photos, press and hold the CTRL key and click on the individual photos. To select all photos, press CTRL + A.Select the photo album where you want to transfer iPhone photos

  4. Next, choose the iPhone album on the left where to add photos from computer.

    Due to Apple limitations, you cannot add photos to the albums that were created on the iPhone. Please, choose to create a new album when using CopyTrans Photo for the first time.

    Click on the green icon at the top left corner to create a new album

  5. To put the pictures from computer to iPhone, just drag and drop the selection anywhere within the iPhone photo pane – basically from right to left.Select the album and drag and drop photos you want to recover TIP: You can also drag and drop entire PC photo folders to the iPhone. Drag and drop albums to iPhone with CopyTrans Photo

  6. Finally, click on the “Apply changes” button to confirm transferring photos from computer to iPhone.Click Apply changes to finish recovering photos from a stolen iPhone

That’s it. The photos were succesfully copied from the computer to the iPhone.

How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone via iTunes

Alternatively, you can use iTunes to sync pictures to iPhone. The obvious disadvantage of the method is the fact that you cannot control and manage the photos you transfer to iPhone. Moreover, your existing library will be overwritten and substituted with the new content that you sync with iTunes.

If you are OK with that, follow the link below to learn how to import photos from PC to iPhone:
Sync photos to iPhone
Sync photos to iPhone via iTunes

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