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If you’re stuck transferring photos from iPad to iPad, we know how you feel. If you’re not favouring using iCloud to sync all your pictures, transfering an entire photo library is no easy job. However, it becomes easy with CopyTrans Photo.

CopyTrans Photo interface

The transfer will only take 2 steps:

The guide will work for iPhone as well as iPad.

How to transfer photos from iPad to computer

To save you the trouble, we designed CopyTrans Photo. It will:

⚡ show all your device photos in one place;
⚡ backup your iPad or iPhone photos to PC;
⚡ keep the original quality, date taken, location and filters;
⚡ convert HEIC photos to JPEG if necessary.

So, here is how to transfer photos from iPad to PC on Windows 10:

  1. Download CopyTrans Photo from the following page and install it: Transfer iPad photos to new iPad

  2. If you need help installing CopyTrans Photo, please refer to the installation guide.

  3. Start CopyTrans Photo and connect the old iPad. The iPad photos will display in the main program window, in the left-hand side pane.

    iPad photos displayed in CopyTrans Photo

  4. Click on “Full Backup” in the upper-left corner of the program, then select the destination folder.

    How to get photos from iPad to computer with CopyTrans Photo

  5. Select the location on the PC where you wish to transfer the old iPad photos and click OK.

    Select destination folder for full backup

  6. The program is transferring photos from your iPad to PC. Let the backup process complete.

    Transferring pictures from iPad to PC with CopyTrans Photo

  7. Done! Your photos have migrated to your computer.

    transfer photos from ipad to new ipad air

  8. Now the only part left is to import the pictures to your new iPad!

My photos were not transferred or displayed. What do I do?

How to transfer photos from PC to iPad

Now you will need to import the photos to another iPad. The process is just as simple and only takes a few steps.

So, here’s how to put photos on iPad:

  1. With CopyTrans Photo open, eject the old iPad from your computer by clicking on the “Eject” button. disconnect old ipad and connect  new ipad air to transfer photos

  2. Next, disconnect the old iPad from the PC and connect the new iPad Air. From the far-right pane in CopyTrans Photo’s main window, navigate to the location where you backed up the old iPad photos.
    Transfer old iPad photos from computer to iPad Air

  3. You can now transfer selected album folders from the PC to the new iPad by dragging and dropping the folders from the far right to the far left of CopyTrans Photo’s window.
    Transfer photos from PC to iPad

  4. Once you finished transferring the old iPad albums from the PC to the new iPad, click on the “Apply changes” button.

    TIP: We recommend dragging and dropping one album at a time before clicking on the “Apply changes” button.

    Apply changes after photo transfer from old iPad to new iPad Air

This is it; you have transferred your old iPad photos and albums to the new iPad Air.

Transfer pictures to iPad

YouTube tutorial

If you like visual instructions more, see how to import photos to iPad in 5 clicks!

Even though this guide is, technically, for an iPhone, it will work for iPad just the same way.

Here is how to get photos off iPad and then quickly import them to another iOS device.

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