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You like keeping your iPad photos sorted into albums but fiddling with the touchscreen is not your favorite pastime? This tutorial demonstrates how to easily sort photos within iPad albums from your PC with CopyTrans Photo. The method works equally well for arranging photos in iPhone and iPod touch albums.

First off, don’t let the mess of oddly named files in the iPad’s DCIM folder put you off. You don’t even have to go to this folder to keep iPad photos organized. dcim folder on ipad vs ipad photo albums

How to organize photos within iPad albums

  1. To sort and organize iPad photos from the comfort of the PC, download CopyTrans Photo from the following page Click here to download CopyTrans Photo

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans Photo, please refer to this article

  3. Run CopyTrans Photo and plug the iPad to the computer. The iPad photos and albums appear on the left-hand side of the main program window copytrans photo displaying ipad photos and albums

  4. iPad photo albums display on the left of the iPad photo pane. Select an album by clicking on the respective tab. In this case, we selected an iPad album called “Summer” containing 8 photos ipad albums selection in copytrans photo main window

    NOTE: You can easily create new iPad albums by clicking on the green symbol on the top left, then giving your new album a name.

  5. You can now rearrange photos within the chosen iPad album. Simply select one or multiple photos, then drag and drop them to the location of your choice. In this case, we changed the position of the photo on the top row ipad photo position within album changed
    NOTE: You cannot rearrange photos within the Camera Roll. Photos there are strictly arranged according to the time you took them. Due to an iOS limitation, you cannot use CopyTrans Photo to re-position photos within albums created on the iPad. Use the Photo app on your iPad to sort photos in such albums or create iPad albums directly via CopyTrans Photo

  6. Click on the “Apply changes” button apply changes in copytrans photo

  7. The changes are applied directly to the iPad album change photo order in ipad album

Copy photo albums from PC to iPad

  1. If you already sorted your photos into PC folders, it is very easy to bring the folders from the computer to the iPad. Simply drag and drop the folders from the PC to the far left side of the main CopyTrans Photo window drag and drop folders from explorer to main copytrans photo window

  2. Don’t forget to click on the “Apply changes” button apply changes button in copytrans photo

  3. The folders along with the photos inside are automatically imported to the iPad. ipad photo albums

This is how to sort and organize iPad photos both on the PC and from within the iPad.

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