Transfer iPhone contacts & SMS to a computer

CopyTrans Contacts makes managing your iPhone contacts & text messages breathtakingly easy.

Organise, edit and delete contacts quickly.
Back up and print text messages on your PC.

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Keep control and keep your iPhone contacts safe

CopyTrans Contacts is the safe and easy solution to manage sensible iPhone data. In no time at all you will save, edit and transfer your iPhone contacts, calendars and much more.

Use your PC keyboard to edit, group and clean up your iPhone contacts quickly. Transfer your contacts from and to iPhone, Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, Excel, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, Thunderbird, Hotmail and Yahoo! or keep full backups of your iPhone address book on your PC.

iPhone text messages backup, made easy

CopyTrans Contacts makes it easy to archive important conversations. Save your SMS, iMessages, and even WhatsApp, Viber and Line conversations to your PC in just a few clicks.

Alongside with your iPhone messages all attachments like photos, videos and contact files will be saved to the PC. You also have the choice between different backup formats like PDF, Word, Excel, Plain Text, CSV or HTML. Just start CopyTrans Contacts, connect your iPhone to your PC, select the iPhone text messages to back up and click “Export selected”. That’s it! You can now easily read, print and share your iPhone text messages on your computer.

The all-in-one solution for your iPhone calendars

CopyTrans Contacts gives you full control over your iPhone calendar. View all your events on your PC screen and easily back up, transfer, add, edit and remove calendars or events.

Are you synchronizing your iPhone calendar with Gmail, iCloud or Yahoo? CopyTrans Contacts is the place for all your calendars. Manage different cloud calendars, copy events directly from one cloud service to the other and transfer calendars and events from and to Outlook. A few clicks only and you’ll be all set.

iPhone Notes as they should be

With CopyTrans Contacts you can export all your iPhone and iCloud notes with all the attachments to your PC. Import or edit your Gmail or Yahoo notes with just a few clicks!

iCloud, Gmail and more

Cloud services are already ubiquitous in our everyday life and quite convenient to use. Nevertheless, concerns about user privacy as well as the protection of data exist and some people might prefer not using cloud solutions extensively.

With CopyTrans Contacts you have got the choice. Manage and back up sensible iPhone data offline or connect to the cloud and enjoy managing different cloud services in one place.

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By the way, we continuously update CopyTrans Contacts and add new features too.

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CopyTrans Contacts supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models and was designed for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.Supported file formats: vCard, CSV, .contact, iCalendar, PDF, XLS, DOC, HTML and TXT.

Safety and Security

CopyTrans Contacts is renowned as a secure and stable application that is, like all other CopyTrans programs, free from ad, spy or malware.

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