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Both new and experienced iPhone users often find iTunes cumbersome and unintuitive to use. The good news is that you can easily transfer photos from Android to iPhone or iPad without iTunes.

This tutorial demonstrates how to copy pictures to iPhone from any Android device including Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Tab, HTC and Nexus via simple drag-and-drop. It works with all iPhone models including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X and all iOS versions including iOS 10. Let’s begin.

First, copy the photos from Android to PC

  1. Connect your Android phone or tablet to the PC.

  2. To ensure you have the right type of USB connection, tap the USB icon from the Notifications center on the Android device screen. android notification center change usb connection type

  3. From the newly-opened Storage settings screen, check the box next to “Camera (PTP)”. android usb connection camera mode

    NOTE: depending on the Android device, the USB computer connection settings may vary slightly. In this case we use a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro.

  4. On the PC, open “My Computer” and double-click on the Android tablet or phone. With regards to where you keep your photos, double-click on either the SD Card drive or the Tablet/Phone drive. galaxy tab device appears on my computer in windows

  5. Navigate to the DCIM folder. It contains the photos you took on the device. DCIM folder on galaxy tab pro

    NOTE: if you are looking for other pictures or photos, navigate to the “Pictures” folder instead.

  6. Create a new folder on the PC Desktop and drag-n-drop the photos from the Android device to the PC folder. drag drop photos from android to pc desktop

Next, transfer the photos from the PC to your iPhone

  1. Download CopyTrans Photo on your PC:
    Download CopyTrans Photo

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans Photo, please refer to the installation guide.

  3. Start the program and connect the iPhone or iPad to the PC. CopyTrans Photo displays photos from both the iPhone and the PC. Select the folder where you saved the Android photos from the far right side. pc photo folder selected in main copytrans photo window

  4. Create a new photo album on the iPhone by clicking on the green photos symbol. create new iphone album in copytrans photo

  5. Name the new album and click OK. photo album rename popup

  6. Select the Android photos on your PC (right-hand side). To select all photos at once, press CTRL + A. Next, drag and drop the photo selection to the iPhone side. drag and drop pc photos to iphone in copytrans window

  7. Click on the “Apply changes” button to save the Android photos on the iPhone. apply changes button

That’s it. This is how to transfer Android photos to your new iPhone.

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