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During the 2017 World Wide Developer Conference Apple announced new photo and video formats, called HEIF and HEVC respectively. If you want to learn more about the peculiarities of the formats, check out our ultimate guide.

Both formats are perfectly compatible with Macs, but what about Windows users? Well, sit tight, because we have the solution for you.

Heic and Windows compatibility

Transfer HEIC photos to computer – drag and drop method

Follow the guide to save HEIC photos from your iPhone to the computer.

  • If you didn’t yet install CopyTrans Photo, download it and install it:
    Download CopyTrans Photo

  • In the Settings tab, choose the format in which you wish to transfer HEIC pictures to your PC. You can convert HEIC to JPEG, transfer native HEIC to computer or even transfer both JPEG and HEIC if you want.
    In the Settings chose the format in which you want to transfer the pictures - jpeg, heic or both heic and jpeg

  • Make sure your Apple device is unlocked, connect it to your PC, locate the HEIC picture you wish to transfer, and just drag and drop it to the PC side.
    Locate the heic in your Camera Roll and drag and drop it to the PC side

  • Navigate to the folder to which you transferred the photo and enjoy!
    Locate the heic pictures in the folder

CopyTrans Photo gives you the freedom of choice and helps you save your photos in the most compatible format with your Windows PC.

View HEIC photos on your PC

If you want to view your HEIC photos on your computer, use CopyTrans HEIC for Windows. It’s a simple tool, that allows you to open and view HEIC files using the native Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Explorer – no third-party app necessary.

View and open HEIC files on Windows
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