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You have reached the limit of 100 images in the free version of CopyTrans HEIC.
For unlimited HEIC to JPG conversion, please purchase CopyTrans HEIC Pro.

CopyTrans HEIC that we released in 2019 has a technical limitation: it can convert up to 100 images at a time. If we set it to convert more than 100 photos, the plug-in would take up too much RAM which would make the PC dysfunctional.
That is why we have developed a new engine that works differently and does not have this limit. We named it CopyTrans HEIC Pro.

You can still use CopyTrans HEIC for free and convert any number of images by converting 100 pictures at a time.

What you’ll like about CopyTrans HEIC Pro:

Convert offline;
Convert any number of images in 1 click;
Additional MSI installer;
View HEIC photos on PC without converting them;
Works in Citrix and Windows Terminal Server environments;
Preserves original EXIF data;
1 year of free updates.

Get your CopyTrans HEIC Pro

FOR BUSINESS CLIENTS: If you wish to use CopyTrans HEIC in a business environment, you need to purchase a Pro version. Using the free version of CopyTrans HEIC for business purposes violates our License Agreement terms.

CopyTrans HEIC CopyTrans HEIC Pro
Converts offline
Allows you to view HEIC photos on PC without converting them
Supports Citrix and Windows Terminal Server
Preserves original EXIF data
1 year of free automatic updates
Limitless conversion
MSI installer* included

*MSI package installer is a type of installer developed by Microsoft. Such a package contains all the necessary information and can be programmed to run any number of tasks to automate installation and thus minimize the user’s involvement.

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