iCloud is full: 7 tips to clear iCloud storage

iCloud storage is full: 7 tips on how to clear iCloud storage

Apple automatically gives 5Gb of free storage to every iCloud account, which doesn’t seem like enough at first, but if you play it smart, you can easily get by with just those free 5 GB. This article will help you reduce your iCloud storage so you can downgrade your iCloud storage plan and stop paying […]

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Switching from Android to iPhone guide

How to switch from Android to iPhone without breaking a sweat

The move to iOS from a different operating system is always a tricky subject, especially when you mean switching from Android to iPhone. Thankfully, there’s a set of tools and certain tricks that can help you perform a transfer from Android to iPhone smoothly. To start, choose which type of data you would like to […]

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iPhone Live Photos: the ultimate how-to guide

iPhone Live Photo is a special Apple feature that combines a photo and a video together. Instead of taking a simple picture, you can now have a mini video, which literally captures a moment. You can play the Live Photo, apply filters to it, choose the key photo, add Live Photo effects and much more! […]

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iOS 12 compatibility with CopyTrans

iOS 12 and iTunes v12.10 compatibility report

UPDATE: Apple released iTunes on September, 12 2019. Apple released iOS 12.4.1 on August, 27 2019. You can read more here. During the annual conference, Apple introduced 3 new iPhone models – iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max. While you are choosing the color of your future iPhone, we are one step […]

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Incorrect password meme

I forgot my iPhone backup password

Let’s say you are trying to restore your old iPhone backup to a shiny new iPhone X. You open iTunes, try to restore, but iTunes says: “Enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup”. What password? I didn’t set any iPhone backup passwords, you silly iTunes! Where did it come from? Neither you nor iTunes […]

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2 ways of transferring heic to pc

The ultimate HEIC guide. 2 ways of transferring HEIC to PC

The most observant users have already noticed yet another change in iOS 11 – new photo and video formats, called HEIF and HEVC respectively. This move to new formats means that you probably encountered some problems transferring pictures to your Windows PC, the biggest being that your computer doesn’t support the new formats. In this […]

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testing iCloud for Windows

Is iCloud for Windows really as good as Apple says it is?

So let’s be transparent here. According to our data, articles that compare applications/solutions/whatever get more traction than our more esoteric articles. So yeah, we’re going to be comparing iCloud for Windows and our application, CopyTrans Cloudly. And yeah, duh, I’m biased, but what follows is a 100% bona-fide, no-kidding real account of my experience with […]

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brainstorming apps

6 genius apps that should already exist

So we recently started brainstorming new apps. Naturally, some of them were insane – during one brainstorming session, an app for goats was mentioned. Some of them were pretty good though, we thought. But then we looked at our team, looked at our capabilities, and had to nix some ideas. Anyway, we decided not to […]

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can't backup article cover

[Solved] Can’t back up iOS 10.3.3 iPhone in iTunes

Since the release of iOS 10.3.3, we have been receiving messages that iTunes backups don’t work. In this article, you can find all the possible solutions for iPhone owners who don’t want to upgrade to iOS 11 or simply can’t because their devices don’t support iOS 11. iOS 10.3.3 doesn’t support backups in iTunes From […]

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8 steps to prepare your iPhone for traveling

8 steps to prep your iPhone for traveling

I’m a master of remembering I have a flight in 3 hours, packing in under 30 minutes, and arriving to the airport barely on time. And this is not some quality packing, I must say. I once forgot to pack any kind of pants. It wasn’t fun trying to find a store in a tiny […]

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