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Performing regular backups is extremeley important! We encourage people to stay outside of Apple’s ecosystem by creating software that completely substitutes iTunes. For your backup and restore needs we have created CopyTrans Shelbee.

CopyTrans Shelbee does everything iTunes does and more. And it does it in a much more user-friendly and efficient manner.


Why people choose CopyTrans Shelbee:

🔹 Choose any folder to store your backup, as well as change the default backup folder set by iTunes.

🔹 Validate integrity of the backup file after each backup.*

🔹 Add a Password protection at any time to encrypt your backup.

🔹 Choose between a Full Backup or only Latest changes backup.

🔹 Receive reminders when it’s time to do a backup.


❗ Unlike iTunes, CopyTrans Shelbee validates integrity of each backup after it is done. Let’s say you have done 10 consecutive backups over a period of time, attempt #3 was corrupted in the process, but you were never made aware of this, that means that the rest of them were done in vain. Restore attempt will give you an error message. We make sure this does not happen.

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What does CopyTrans Shelbee backup include?

Backup includes iTunes CopyTrans Shelbee
Contacts and Contact Favorites
SMS Messages, iMessage, MMS pictures and videos
Camera Roll Photos
Calendar events & accounts
The app should be present on the App Store**
App documents
Call history
Keychain, passwords for email accounts, Wi-Fi and websites Requires the backup to be encrypted***
App accounts and passwords Requires the backup to be encrypted***
Safari bookmarks, cookies, history, offline data, and currently open pages
Voice memos
Music Other options
Photo Library (not Camera Roll) Other options

** To have apps included in the backup, they MUST be present in the App Store at the time of the backup, as we need to download the .ipa files from the App Store server.
We download the apps at the time of the backup, iTunes does at the time of the restore. So, if you know your favourite app will be discontinued and want to save it, CopyTrans Shelbee is a tool for you.

*** To save your account and password information, the backup MUST be password protected.

How to transfer music and photo libraries to PC?

CopyTrans Shelbee is a specialist in backup and restore processes. For music and photo library transfer we have other specialty programs. Here are detailed guides on the easiest ways how to:


Download CopyTrans Shelbee
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