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CopyTrans Shelbee backs up all the vital data, like your Contacts, Camera Roll, SMS, iMessages, etc. – everything that iTunes backs up and even more. The following table will give insights on what exactly a CopyTrans Shelbee backup includes:

Backup includes CopyTrans Shelbee & iTunes *
Contacts and Contact Favorites ipad to computer
Messages (including iMessage and carrier SMS or MMS pictures and videos) ipad to computer
Camera Roll ipad to computer
Calendar events & accounts ipad to computer
Reminders ipad to computer
Notes ipad to computer
Apps ipad to computer Requires Internet connection;
The app should be present on the App Store
App documents ipad to computer
Call history ipad to computer
Keychain, including passwords for email accounts, Wi-Fi and websites ipad to computer* Requires the backup to be encrypted
App accounts and passwords ipad to computer* Requires the backup to be encrypted
Settings ipad to computer
Safari bookmarks, cookies, history, offline data, and currently open pages ipad to computer
Voice memos ipad to computer
Music ipad to computer
Photo Library ipad to computer

Why CopyTrans Shelbee to back up your data?

  • You can change the default backup directory set by iTunes and find all your backups easily in the folder of your choice.

  • CopyTrans Shelbee validates the backup integrity after the backup completes.

  • At any time, you can add a password to encrypt your backup.

  • CopyTrans Shelbee can send you notifications when it’s time to do a backup.

  • Unlike iTunes, with CopyTrans Shelbee you can choose whether to perform a full backup of your data, or only the latest changes.

Performing regular backups is a great habit and with CopyTrans Shelbee you have unlimited possibilities.

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