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iTunes is good and all, but why limit yourself to only one solution to manage music on your iPhone? Especially, since iTunes can’t copy music from iPhone to computer.

Luckily, CopyTrans knows just the way to transfer music from iPhone to computer in a few clicks, including:

  • music files (.mp3, m4a, m4r, aac),
  • artist and album information,
  • artwork,
  • playlists.

How to transfer music from iPhone to computer: Simple mode

To download music from iPhone to computer, you’ll need to follow the detailed guide below. The method works for all Apple devices: iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

  1. Download and install CopyTrans from the following page. Refer to the Installation guide if necessary.

  2. Run CopyTrans and connect your iDevice. Wait until your music library is loaded. Connect your iPhone and wait

  3. Click ‘Folder’. Transfer music to folder with CopyTrans

  4. Select which folder on your computer you want to back up your tracks to. Folder location selection CopyTrans

  5. CopyTrans will now start backing up all your iPhone tracks to the folder your choice.

  6. How to transfer music from iPhone to computer: Classic mode

    1. Follow the steps 1-2 from the Simple mode paragraph.

    2. Click Classic mode button: Classic mode button CopyTrans

    3. After your library is loaded, switch the setting to “Manual Backup” in the top-left corner. Switch to the Manual Backup mode

    4. Select the tracks you wish to transfer from iPhone to your PC. You can transfer playlists, individual songs, or the entire music library.Select the tracks or playlists you wish to transfer from iPhone to PC"

    5. Now, to copy music from iPhone to a folder on your computer, click on the Folder button and select a destination on your PC.Select the folder on your PC where you want to transfer the track from iPhone

    6. If you are ready to put music from iPhone to computer, hit “Start Backup”.
      СopyTrans compares the size of your backup with the free space available in the selected destination to make sure the transfer goes smoothly.
      If you are ready, hit Start Backup Button

    7. Backup status, remaining time and size of processed files are shown on the progress bar during the transfer. Backup in progress

    8. The job is done! Your iPhone music has been safely transferred to the computer.How to save iPhone music to PC
      Note: CopyTrans provides 100% free from duplicates backup, so if you have previously copied any of your tracks to your destination folder, they won’t be imported.

    BONUS: Customize your backup structure

    1. By default we use iTunes backup structure: main Music folder > Album > Artist > songs. If you don’t like the default settings, you can easily change your backup structure by clicking on the Customize button.iTunes default backup structure

    2. For example, leave both Music subfolders empty as it is shown on the following screenshot. This will store all your music files in one folder. Click OK to start the transfer. Customize: have all your tracks in one folder

    3. NOTE: CopyTrans will remember your preferences for the next backup.

    If you want to know how to add music to your iPhone without iTunes, check out free iTunes alternative – CopyTrans Manager.
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