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In the YouTube video about Smart Backup we explained how to import all your device tracks to iTunes in a click.
However, if you want to select just several tracks from your favorite playlists to have them in one folder on your computer, you have landed to the correct article. Here I’ll be showing you how to transfer only selected music from your iPhone, iPod and iPad to your PC using CopyTrans.

Attention Apple Music subscribers:

CopyTrans only backs up music which is saved locally on your device. Apple Music songs that you have downloaded on your iPhone or iPod touch won’t be backed up.

Manual backup in CopyTrans is made in just a few steps. You can read through the whole article and please its author, or jump directly to the step you need by hitting one of the links below.

Setting up

  1. First of all, download and install CopyTrans, if it’s not already installed.
    Download CopyTrans right now

  2. Connect your iPhone and wait while CopyTrans is loading tracks from your device.Connect your iPhone and wait

  3. Switch to the Manual Backup mode. Switch to the Manual Backup mode

  4. You can adjust what track information is shown in CopyTrans. Just mouse over the header of in the main CopyTrans window and right-click on it. From the drop-down list pick categories that you need and uncheck the boxes with the unnecessary information. Adjust CopyTrans tracks view

Selecting tracks to back up to the computer

  1. Now select which tracks you want to backup. To choose favorite tracks from your playlists click on a playlist name and choose songs you want to transfer to your computer. Choose a few tracks from a playlist

  2. You can refine filtering even more: sort them by genre, album or artist. Simply choose the genre and tick the box against “Type” to select all tracks of this genre. For example, I want to back up all my house music from my “Running” playlist. Filter tracks by genre

  3. To copy entire playlists to your computer, tick the box against each playlist. All tracks from this playlist will be automatically selected. Select all the tracks from a playlist
    Note: If you select multiple tracks from different playlists during one backup session, they all will be placed in one folder. If you want to back up each playlist separately, you’ll need to run several backups and export each playlist to a separate folder.

Choosing a music backup folder

  1. Once you have selected all the songs you want to save to your PC, tap on “Folder” at the top. After selecting tracks press the Folder button

  2. Now select a music backup folder. You can choose the existing folder or create a new one directly from the program. Click OK when finished. Choose a music backup folder

Organizing your backup structure

  1. After a backup location has been selected, CopyTrans compares the size of your backup with the free space available in the selected destination. Estimated backup size vs free space available

  2. You can also preview your backup structure before starting the process. By default we use iTunes backup structure, which is shown on the screenshot: main Music folder > Album > Artist > songs. If you don’t like the default settings, you can easily change your backup structure by clicking on the Customize button. CopyTrans is smart enough to remember your preferences. Your next backup will inherit the structure you have previously set. iTunes default backup structure

  3. If you are like me and want to have all your tracks in one Music folder, hit Customize and leave both Music subfolders empty as I did on the following screenshot. Click OK. Customize: have all your tracks in one folder

Backup in progress

  1. Once you have selected a music backup folder and customized the structure, start backup. Start backup

  2. That’s basically it. CopyTrans has started backing up your files and you can track the progress. Backup status, remaining time and size of processed files are shown on the progress bar. Backup in progress

  3. The job is done. All your tracks have been safely copied to the selected backup folder. Hit Finish and close out of CopyTrans. How to save iPhone music to PC
    Note: CopyTrans provides 100% free from duplicates backup, so if you have previously copied any of your tracks to your destination folder, they won’t be imported.

More useful links for you:

  1. If you like iTunes and have it installed on your PC, you can use CopyTrans to populate the iTunes library with your iPhone or iPod music. Choose Manual Backup to iTunes to copy songs of your choice, and Smart Backup if you want to transfer them all.

  2. If CopyTrans failed to copy some of your tracks, there might be at least two possible reasons. Either these tracks were misplaced on your device (it happens from time to time due to iOS internal errors) or your iPod or iPhone library is corrupt. To troubleshoot this issue read the following guide. You’ll need solutions B, C and D: I get an error message stating that my iPod library is corrupt.

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