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Application concerned All iOS versions incl. iOS 11.4.1 All iPhone models incl. iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X All iPod touch models All iPad models incl. iPad 2018, iPad Pro, and iPad mini Older iPod models ** All iTunes versions incl. v12.8.0.150 Microsoft Store iTunes
CopyTrans checked checked checked checked checked checked* checked
CopyTrans Contacts ios 6 support checked ipad address book transfer iphone contacts checked checked
CopyTrans Photo ios compatibility checked ipod touch photo transfer ipod nano photo transfer ipod photo transfer checked checked
CopyTrans Manager ios compatibility checked manage ipod touch music manage ipod nano 6G 7G music manage ipod music checked in progress
CopyTrans Shelbee checked* checked backup iphone 6 without itunes ipod shuffle not supported by copytrans shelbee checked checked
CopyTrans Apps checked manage iphone apps manage ipod touch apps manage ipad apps checked in progress
CopyTrans TuneSwift tuneswift compatibility Device independent checked* checked

* Compatible, provided an Internet connection is active.

** Older iPod models:

  • iPod nano up to 7G
  • iPod classic, iPod video and iPod photo
  • iPod shuffle up to 4G
  • iPod mini


Currently, CopyTrans Manager and CopyTrans Apps are not compatible with the iTunes version from the Microsoft Store. If you want to continue using them, please do the following:

  1. Uninstall the Microsoft Store version of iTunes
  2. Download iTunes 64bit or 32bit from Apple’s website and install it

Don’t worry, switching from the Microsoft Store to the Apple version of iTunes does not affect your iTunes Library.

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Marika (pronounce like 'Merica) dreams of saving the world from boredom. Fairly believes that she was the one for the part of Wonder Woman in DC movies, but for now she is eager to make your CopyTrans journey remarkable.