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In the vast majority of times, the problem is related to the iDevice or to a PC misconfiguration and not directly to CopyTrans. In most cases, the issue can be resolved by following one or more of the solutions below:

Click on the line which describes your problem most accurately

Click on the statement which describes closest the issue you experience and follow the suggested troubleshooting steps:

One or multiple songs or videos failed to copy

The problem occurs with my iPhone, iPod, or iPod Touch

CopyTrans returns the following message at the end of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch backup saying that one or multiple songs or videos failed to copy. copytrans backup summary prompt window

In most cases, the problem is caused by the connection between your iOS device and the PC failing during the CopyTrans backup process. Please follow the below steps precisely to resolve the issue.

  1. Respect all suggestions here: Connection with iPod / iPhone is lost

  2. Ensure that you have the computer set to Performance mode and not Power-saver from the Power options and that CopyTrans is allowed through the firewall and your security software

  3. If you have the default Windows Firewall active, please follow these instructions to allow CopyTrans through: Allow a program to communicate through Windows Firewall

The problem occurs with my iPod Classic, iPod nano, or iPod shuffle

In the vast majority of cases, this means that your iPod library file is corrupted. Corruption usually occurs when you unplug the iPod without ejecting it first or if you drop the iPod while the hard drive (applicable to iPod Classic) is spinning for example. copytrans has detected errors on your ipod - prompt message upon backup end

To diagnose and resolve the corruption issue, please follow these troubleshooting instructions: How to fix iPod corruption errors.

CopyTrans does not see some of my iDevice songs or playlists

If you don’t see some or all of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch music tracks in the main CopyTrans window, please note that CopyTrans will not display:

– tracks purchased from the iTunes Store that are not saved locally (offline) on the iDevice;

– tracks synced with iCloud Music Library and sourced from Apple Music;

– songs, videos and podcasts that are saved outside the default Music, Videos, Photos, and Podcasts apps.

Therefore, CopyTrans only displays local non-Apple Music tracks. These are, for example, songs that you copied from a computer to the iPhone, or songs that you purchased from the iTunes Store and available for offline play.

NOTE: Never keep an empty or incomplete iTunes library open on your PC with your iDevice connected. You risk iTunes sync to delete contents off your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Always make sure that CopyTrans is started before connecting the iDevice to the computer to prevent unwanted iTunes synchronization.

CopyTrans detects my iDevice but none of its songs, videos or playlists

I purchased the songs or videos on my iPhone, iPad, iPod or I am using iTunes Match

Are all of your songs purchased and downloaded directly from within the iPhone or iPad? Are your songs sourced via iTunes Match? If yes, please check the steps from the preceding troubleshooting line: “CopyTrans does not see some of my iDevice songs or playlists”.

The songs or videos which don’t display in CopyTrans are not purchased

Ensure that the connection between your iDevice is and PC is not interrupted at any stage.Here’s how.

Did you accidentally allow an empty or incomplete iTunes library to sync with your iPhone, iPad or iPod? iTunes might have tampered with the iDevice library file. If you can still play the songs or videos on the iDevice, follow the steps below:

  1. Run CopyTrans and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod

  2. Immediately after that press and hold the CTR + ALT keys on the keyboard until a message reading “Listing iPhone tracks” appears within the main CopyTrans window copytrans not listing ipad tracks and playlists

  3. CopyTrans will now try to list all of the tracks physically existing on your iPhone or iPad regardless of the iDevice library file

  4. Stand-by until the track listing is complete after which continue with a CopyTrans backup

    NOTE: When listing tracks in the method described above, CopyTrans can unfortunately not bring track data such as play-count and star rating, nor playlist data. This information is stored in the iDevice library file which was tampered with during the failed iTunes sync.

CopyTrans detects my iDevice but takes too much time to list songs and videos

  • CopyTrans should be quick to load your iDevice contents

  • Sometimes, depending on your PC speed, or due to a very large amount of tracks, purchased material such as apps, or items in your Camera Roll of your iPhone, iPad or iPod, CopyTrans may take more time to list the contents

  • Please be patient and give the program as much time as it needs to load the iDevice songs and playlists. As long as the Windows blue circular icon appears instead of the mouse pointer, CopyTrans is actively working towards listing the tracks and playlists main copytrans window loading ipad songs and playlists

Prevent CopyTrans from loading items in your Camera Roll

If you have a very large amount of videos in your iPhone or iPod Camera Roll , you can disable loading the Camera Roll to decrease the amount of time CopyTrans takes to load the iDevice contents. To prevent CopyTrans from loading the Camera Roll videos:

  1. Run CopyTrans and navigate to More > Settings enter copytrans settings via the more button on top

  2. Click “Advanced settings” advanced settings button in copytrans

  3. In the Search box of the “Advanced settings” window, type “tracks.ignore” and change the value of “general.tracks.ignore_camera_roll” setting from “no” to “yes” (double-click on “no” in order to be able to change the setting) disable camera roll loading in copytrans

  4. Restart CopyTrans, connect your iPhone or iPad and see whether the tracks get listed quicker now

The backup gets stuck on a single track

Some track files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod such as videos, long audio files or certain apps can be exceptionally large in size. Please be patient and allow CopyTrans as much time as it needs to copy the track even if the backup process appears stuck. If the issue persists:

CopyTrans says that my iTunes library is corrupt

This means that there’s something wrong with the iTunes library on your PC and that CopyTrans cannot correctly recognize it.

  • Check whether you can start iTunes and correctly access listed tracks

  • Make sure you have the latest iTunes version installed

  • Manually back up your iDevice tracks and playlists to a chosen PC folder CopyTrans does not need access to the iTunes library in this case.

  • If nothing helps, we suggest creating a new empty iTunes library via the method described below: How to create an alternate iTunes Library file

  • Then attempt to backup once more

iTunes asks me for password when trying to play a song or video

This means that the song is DRM-protected and can only be played after you enter the Apple ID and password with which it was originally purchased. CopyTrans is not designed to remove DRM protection. this computer is not authorized - itunes drm prompt message

I need more help

If the above troubleshooter guide did not help resolve the problem or if you experience a different issue, please:

  • send a concise description of the problem and tell us the troubleshooting steps you followed copytrans@copytrans.net

  • Also attach the program log files to your email. Here’s how.

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