Is Apple going to replace iTunes with its Apps?

Is Apple finally going to replace iTunes?

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Internet is now full of rumors that Apple will replace iTunes. We tried to understand exactly what was announced and what impact it will have on Windows and iOS users. Here are responses on some questions you might have.

What exactly happened?

On January the 12th, Windows has announced a new Windows 11 Preview build that includes something interesting for iOS users. Microsoft Store now includes preview versions for 3 Apple applications that are available to try:

What happened to iTunes

Wasn’t iTunes already discontinued?

So far iTunes is still available for Windows users and receives regular maintenance updates. In macOS Catalina, iTunes was already replaced with four other apps in 2019. They handle basic iTunes functions and manage media files and device backups.

What is going to happen with iTunes on Windows?

Is iTunes going away? Seems that Apple wants to begin a similar transition from iTunes to a multi-app approach for Windows users as well. The idea of splitting functions between different apps is not new – iTunes is known to be a heavy machine, especially for Windows users. However, the transition is not going to happen at once. For now, the new Windows 11 preview is only available for the members of the Windows Insider Program.

How would the transition go?

It is possible that at the first stages users are going to be able to choose if they want to go for the new apps or stick to the good old iTunes. This way, if you upgrade your Windows and install Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices, you won’t be able to use iTunes anymore.

Can the new apps replace iTunes completely?

The arrival of the new Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices apps marks a major change for Apple on Windows and could signal the end of iTunes for Windows users. While the new apps are designed to handle many of the functions that iTunes performed, there are still some important differences between the old app and the new trio of apps. Whether users will embrace the change and upgrade to the new apps remains to be seen, but for now, Windows users can preview the new apps and decide whether they are ready to make the transition.

Is iTunes going to be completely replaced?

While these new apps mark a major change for Apple on Windows, there are some key differences between the old iTunes app and the new trio of apps. For starters, the new apps do not handle podcasts and audiobooks, which were previously available in iTunes. It is unclear whether Apple plans to release separate versions of Apple Podcasts and Books for Windows, or whether that functionality will be added back to the Apple Music app in the future.

Can I already use the new Apple apps on my Windows?

All new Apple programs are already available to download and use on Windows. Installing any of these three apps will render iTunes inaccessible, so users who still rely on the app for specific features that are not supported by the new apps should hold off on the upgrade. However, if users do install the new apps and change their mind, they can easily uninstall the new apps and use iTunes again. So, does iTunes still exist? Yes! You can still download it from the web site or Microsoft Store!

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Would I have to delete iTunes?

If you decide to experiment and test the Apple innovation, then you will have to uninstall iTunes on your Windows and you will lose the opportunity to use some iTunes functions. However, if you don’t like the apps, you can just uninstall them and install iTunes once again.

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