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Another iOS, another limitation. Starting from iOS 11 Apple has restricted what you can do with local iPhone notes. This impacts some features of CopyTrans Contacts.

When it comes to notes stored locally and CopyTrans Contacts, it is no longer possible to:

  • create new notes
  • edit
  • delete
  • import notes from your PC or Outlook to the iPhone
  • move cloud notes (Google or iCloud) to the local storage of your iPhone

Therefore the Add, Edit and Import buttons have been hidden from the CopyTrans Contacts interface for users on iOS 11 and above.

It is still possible to view and back up your local notes using CopyTrans Contacts. You can:

  • export notes to the PC (in HTML or TXT format)
  • export iPhone notes to Outlook
  • copy your notes to a Google account

As for iOS 10 and earlier, you can continue managing your local notes and import your Outlook notes to your iOS device without limitations.

iPhone notes

Transfer notes from PC to iPhone

Don’t worry! We have a good solution for you. You need only your iPhone notes on PC in .txt format and CopyTrans Filey.

  1. Download and install CopyTrans Filey. Here is our installation guide.

    Download CopyTrans Filey

  2. Connect your device. All your documents and apps will be listed in the interface.

  3. Notes in CopyTrans Filey Main window

  4. One more time, because of Apple restrictions, we can’t access to the native Notes app, that’s why we will transfer notes to the Pages app.

  5. List of apps for Notes on your iPhone

    You can also see third-party app with notes. For example, Notes Writer.

  6. Now, choose Pages from the drop-down menu in the main screen and just drag and drop the notes.

    Drop down menu in CopyTrans Filey

    Click Browse to see the notes stored on your PC.

  7. Select files to import manually

  8. That’s it, all the notes are now saved in Pages. You open them in CopyTrans Filey.

    Notes in app Pages in CopyTrans Filey

    Or, just find them on your iPhone.

  9. Notes in Pages on your iPhone

Export Outlook notes

To iPhone

There is a way around the limitation in iOS 11 & 12. You can transfer your Outlook notes to your device through a cloud service, such as Google.

Advantages of CopyTrans Contacts:

✔️ Save contacts in a few clicks;
✔️ Manage all iPhone, iCloud, Outlook and Gmail contacts;
✔️ Work with different formats: .xlsx; .vcf; .csv;
✔️ Transfer iPhone messages to PC in different formats;
✔️ Enjoy an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

  1. First, make sure that your cloud account is configured on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account > select Google, and follow the instructions.

    NOTE: If you don’t have a gmail account, create one.

  2. Configure a Gmail or Yahoo account on your iPhone

  3. Make sure you switch the Notes toggle on and click Save:

  4. Torn on notes on ypur iPhone

    Activate a specific setting in CopyTrans Contacts

  5. Open CopyTrans Contacts. Click on New Cloud Account and sign in to your Google account. If you need help doing this, please follow these instructions for Google.

  6. Then click More > Settings > Advanced Settings.

  7. In the search field, type notes.general.allow_ios11 and double-click on the value no to replace it with yes and press Enter. Restart CopyTrans Contacts.

  8. iOS 11 notes advanced settings

    💡 Please wait until all your contacts finish loading (the spinning wheel in the bottom-right corner should disappear). It may take quite a while, but only for the first time. On subsequent launches the program should run much faster.
    Loading icon CopyTrans Contacts

    ❕ If your iPhone is encrypted, you may be asked for an iPhone backup password. What password?

  9. Go to the Notes tab and click Import > Outlook (direct import from Outlook) (or From a file, if you have some notes on your PC).

  10. Import notes iPhone from Outlook

  11. Your notes will be transferred to the cloud and synchronized with your iPhone. They will appear in the Gmail folder.

  12. See Gmail notes on your iPhone

If you can’t see the notes on your iPhone, make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and restart the Notes app.

BlackBerry Notes

This tutorial will help you transfer BlackBerry MemoPad to your iPhone. To do so, you’ll need to use BlackBerry Desktop Software, Outlook and CopyTrans Contacts. This method works for all phones running BlackBerry OS and all iOS devices.

  1. The first step is to export your BlackBerry memos to computer using BlackBerry Desktop Software. Download the program and install it:Download BlackBerry Desktop Software

  2. Run the program and connect your BlackBerry to the PC:

  3. blackberry desktop software main program window

  4. We recommend you to back up the BlackBerry. Just click Back up now:

  5. Back up Blackberry phone on your PC

  6. In the new window, select Full under Backup type and click Back up:

  7. Select backup type of Balackberry

  8. Let the BlackBerry backup finish:

  9. blackberry backup in progress

  10. When the backup completes, select Organizer on the left and click Configure settings:

    Select data to sync with bleckberry

    NOTE: If the MemoPad option is greyed out and shows “syncing wirelessly”, this means that you are currently syncing the BlackBerry memos to an online service. You need to turn off wireless synchronization from your BlackBerry.

  11. In the newly opened window, check the box next to MemoPad:

  12. select memopad from intellisync wizard

  13. Choose Microsoft Outlook and click Next:

  14. Memopad setup window Bleckberry

  15. Next, select One way sync from Device. This means that BlackBerry memos will be transferred to Outlook:

  16.  one way sync from device option

  17. Select your Outlook profile and tap on Next:

  18. select outlook user profile

  19. After this, click OK:

  20. confirm sync settings and complete the intellisync wizard

  21. To apply the changes and transfer the BlackBerry memos, choose Sync:

    sync button in blackberry desktop

    NOTE: If you experience sync errors, please refer to our troubleshooting article, How to fix BlackBerry Desktop Software sync issues

  22. If prompted, confirm the changes by clicking Accept:

  23. prompt message to confirm memopad edits in blackberry desktop software

  24. Run Outlook on your PC and see for yourself that the BlackBerry memos were transferred.

  25. Now, you can Import Outlook contacts to iPhone.

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