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If you are here, it probably means that you were trying to use CopyTrans Shelbee or CopyTrans Contacts and got a prompt for entering your iOS backup password. Maybe you do not even remember setting it. If this is indeed what happened, this short guide is for you. It will explain what an iOS backup password is, where it came from and what to do.

What is an iOS backup password?

iOS backup password is a combination with which the iPhone is encrypted. Encrypting your device allows it to back up sensitive data, such as passwords, wi-fi settings, website history, and health data. Note that an iOS backup password is not the same as passcode (the combination you enter to unlock the iPhone) or your Apple ID.

iOS backup password is not set on your device by default. The first time you protect your backup with a password, the combination is saved on your device. Once encrypted – always encrypted: from this point on, your device will see the combination as its default backup password.

How to see if my device is encrypted?

To check whether your device is encrypted and manage your password settings:

  • Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to it.
  • Click on the iPhone icon at the top iTunes panel.
    Find you iPhone in iTunes
  • You will see info about your device and its backups, indicating the time of the last backup and password management options. You can then see whether your backup is password-protected (there will be a check next to “Encrypt local backup”). You can uncheck the box, but it will require you to enter the backup password first (Surprise!).
    Check the backup settings in iTunes

CopyTrans Contacts and iOS backup password

Enter your iOS backup password

When you connect your device to CopyTrans Contacts, the program starts loading your contacts, text messages, attachments, etc. Sometimes it loads them from a backup you made earlier. If your device is encrypted, CopyTrans won’t be able to load any backed-up content, as it has to be decrypted first.

If you remember your iOS backup password, please enter it so that the app can load the data. You can also check “Save password” if you would like CopyTrans Contacts to remember your password for the next time. If you don’t, the simplest option would be to reset the iOS backup password and try loading your data again. It is higly recommended to have a new encryption and store your password in a safe place (for example, in a password manager).

CopyTrans Shelbee and iOS backup password

CopyTrans Shelbee asks for a password

CopyTrans Shelbee may ask you to enter the iOS backup password in two cases:

  1. You are trying to back up your iPhone. In this case, CopyTrans Shelbee is asking for a password for validation purposes. In contrast to iTunes, CopyTrans Shelbee validates your backup upon creation, making sure you can restore later. The actual encryption always happens on the iPhone, not in the program. Shelbee then gets the files and tries to decrypt them with the password you give, also checking the integrity of the backup.

    In this case, if you forgot the combination, you can simply reset your iOS backup password and try again.

  2. You are trying to restore data to your iPhone. While restoring, CopyTrans Shelbee needs the password to decrypt the data in the backup. If you forgot the password and you still have the device you used to back up, just reset your iOS backup password and make a new backup. If you do not have the source device, the only option you have is to remember the password combination. The good news is, there may be a chance to recover it. Check out our tips on how to remember the iOS backup password.

How to reset an iOS backup password?

If the best option for you is to reset your iOS backup password, here is how to do it:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Reset and choose “Reset All Settings”. You will need to enter your passcode and and confirm the action several times.
    turn off iOS backup password
  2. Voila – you’re all re-set! Resetting your iOS backup password will not take the password off old backups, but will allow you to make new ones without it.

If this guide didn’t help you, feel free to reach out to out support team at copytrans@copytrans.net. Please cover the following points:
– the name of the program that you are using;
– what you were trying to do with it;
– what happened in the process.
As a rule, we also request our customers to generate and send us log files – this way, we will find a solution much faster!

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