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The following tutorial demonstrates how to backup and transfer iPhone playlists to a computer. The method also allows to back up playlists from any other Apple iOS device such as iPod, or iPad.

  1. Download CopyTrans from the following page Download CopyTrans

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans, please refer to the installation guide.

  3. Close iTunes and start CopyTrans

  4. Connect the iPhone which playlists you wish to transfer to the computer. Click Classic mode button: Classic mode button CopyTrans

  5. The playlists will appear on the left hand side iphone playlists displayed on pc
    NOTE: playlists that were created directly from within the iPhone will not be displayed. To transfer those playlists to the PC, you need to sync the iPhone with iTunes but only AFTER ensuring that all iPhone tracks and playlists are already loaded in your iTunes library. Otherwise you risk iTunes deleting some or all of the iPhone tracks.

  6. Now select what you would like to do next:

Transfer selected iPhone/iPod/iPad playlists to iTunes

  1. To transfer all the needed playlists along with their contents to iTunes on the PC, check that “Smart backup” is selected and click “Start backup” smart transfer iphone playlists to itunes

  2. CopyTrans will now begin the backup operation. Only songs and playlists which are not already loaded in iTunes on your PC will be transferred. Hence, duplicate tracks or playlists will not be created. iphone playlists backup to pc in progress

  3. At the end of the operation, disconnect the iPhone and close CopyTrans. Run iTunes. All the needed iPhone playlists along with their contents are transferred over. iphone playlists in itunes

Transfer selected iPhone playlists to a PC folder

You can alternatively transfer and backup only iPhone playlists you choose. To do so:

  1. Run CopyTrans and connect the iPhone

  2. Select “Manual backup” from the top of the main program window
    Manual backup: how to transfer selected playlists to iTunes or to pc

  3. Choose the iPhone playlists you wish to transfer to the PC from the Playlists panel by checking the box next to each playlist entry. If you want each of your playlists saved in a separate folder, you’ll need to transfer your playlists one by one. Transfer playlists to a folder with CopyTrans

  4. To back up the playlist to a selected computer folder, click “Folder”. How to transfer selected playlists to iTunes or to pc

  5. Click the blue pencil sign to choose the Destination folder. Choose destination folder to back up with CopyTrans Then click the “Create new folder” button and name the new folder after your playlist. Create new folder to back up with CopyTrans

  6. To choose how your tracks will be organized inside the folder, click “Customize”. Customize folders in CopyTrans manual backup If you prefer keeping all the tracks from a single list in one folder without creating new subfolders, just leave all the fields empty. Customize folders in CopyTrans

  7. After you have adjusted your backup settings, click OK and start backup.Start backup in CopyTrans

  8. Here we go! The selected iPhone playlists are transferred to your PC. Transferred playlists

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