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This article describes how to transfer music and playlists from an old iPod, iPad or iPhone to a new one. The method works for all iPhone models including the latest iPhone XS Max.

There are 2 ways to transfer music from your iPhone to iPhone:

Transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes

This tutorial explains how to transfer music from one iPhone to another without iTunes. It’s pretty simple – first step is to transfer iPhone music to your computer. For that, you’ll need to download CopyTrans – an app that helps to backup music from iPhone to computer:

Download CopyTrans
  1. Open CopyTrans and click ‘Folder’:
    Transfer music to folder with CopyTrans
    Then select a folder on your PC or to an external drive:
    Folder location selection CopyTrans

    Note: CopyTrans can also change the folder structure of your backup, in case you don’t like how it’s organized by default. For more detailed instructions, refer to the following FAQ article to learn how to do it: Manual backup – backup iPhone music to computer.

  2. When finished, close CopyTrans and disconnect your old device.
    backup complete

That was simple, right? Now, on to the next step – add music to iPhone. For that, you’ll need to download a lightweight iTunes alternative called CopyTrans Manager:

Download CopyTrans Manager
  1. Open CopyTrans Manager and connect your new iPhone (iPod or iPad) to import the backed up music. The following article will help you with this: How do I add music and videos to my iPod or iPhone.

    drag and drop songs from pc to iphone

  2. When finished adding the songs, don’t forget to hit the “Update” button at the top-left corner to sync music to iPhone.
    update button in copytrans manager

That’s it! You’ve succesfully transfered music from iPhone to iPhone without the need of laggy iTunes.

Transfer music from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

The tutorial below explains how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes. To transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, you’ll need to use CopyTrans, since iTunes has no such function:

Download CopyTrans
  1. Open CopyTrans and click ‘iTunes’:
    Transfer music to iTunes with CopyTrans

    Note: If you want to select specific tracks, and don’t want to copy your whole Music Library, switch to Classic mode:
    Classic mode button CopyTrans

    Here’s a detailed guide on how to use CopyTrans in Classic mode. You can also watch the video below for a quick tutorial.

  2. Now, let’s sync iTunes music with iPhone (iPod or iPad).

    Before the actual sync, open iTunes and click on the device icon. Tap on Summary on the rightside pane and scroll down to the Options section. Check “Manually manage music and videos”. In the Summary, tick the box against "Manually manage music and videos"

    Note: iTunes will erase your iPhone/iPod data and put an exact copy of its library onto your device (playlists included).

  3. Next, select Music on the left pane, tick the “Sync music” box and select the items you want to sync. Hit the Apply button at the bottom of the window to initiate the sync. Create Music Lbrary from scratch in iTunes

Voila, you have just transferred music from old iPhone to new iPhone via iTunes.

Hope those tips helped! If you have questions or comments, just leave them down below.

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