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CopyTrans Control Center logo

The CopyTrans Control Center helps you manage all CopyTrans programs on your PC from a single window. It also helps you keep track of program updates.

Get started with the CopyTrans Control Center

If you haven’t already installed the CopyTrans Control Center, start by downloading it. The guide below will help you: Download and install the CopyTrans Control Center

Choose a section from the list below:

Manage CopyTrans apps from one window

The CopyTrans Control Center lists all CopyTrans programs in a single window. To install a CopyTrans program, mouse-over it and click “Install”:
Install CopyTrans

To run a program after installing it, mouse-over the program and click “Start”:
Start the program

The CopyTrans Control Center shows you which CopyTrans apps are installed:
See what apps have been installed

Upgrade: automatic notifications

We keep all CopyTrans programs up to date with the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod models. Once a new version is released, you will instantly see a green “Update” button against the program in the CopyTrans Control Center:
update button in copytrans control center

Click on “Update” if you want to get the latest version of the program. To run the previous version press “Start”:
button to update copytrans program

Create programs shortcuts

For quick access to your favorite CopyTrans program, create a Desktop shortcut. It is very easy with the CopyTrans Control Center. Simply click on the cogwheel symbol next to the program name and choose “Create shortcut” from the drop-down menu: Manage your iPhone without iTunes

You can keep a shortcut on the Desktop to any CopyTrans program: All CopyTrans shortcuts are on your desktop now!

Downgrade apps versions

To downgrade to one of the older versions, click on the cogwheel symbol next to the program of your choice and choose “Old version”. From the drop-down menu, select a version you’d like to downgrade to: Here's how to downgrade

Uninstall programs

If you want to uninstall a program from your PC, click on the cogwheel symbol next to the program nameand choose “Uninstall” from the drop-down menu: Uninstall

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