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Welcome to a page that talks about our new product – CopyTrans Studio!

We have just released our new application and can’t wait to tell you about it! With this release, we are starting a truly new era: your experience of managing iOS data on Windows will never be the same. We hope you enjoy all the innovations we have come up with. To make it easier for you to navigate through the new product, we have created this guide.

Why did we decide to create CopyTrans Studio?

CopyTrans applications have served our users well for many years (20 years in 2024). They have gained popularity around the world, with thousands of people downloading them every month. But, as new Apple devices with more storage capacity are created, the way people manage their data is also changing.

We have been very attentive to gathering feedback from our customers. It is clear that the new application needs to be even faster, able to handle large photo libraries and give our users a more advanced experience.

So we decided to not just update one of our programs, but to create a new, more modern tool. Meet CopyTrans Studio.

What is CopyTrans Studio about?

It is a whole new application, created by CopyTrans developers. Its main feature allows our users to experience full integration of iOS to Windows: iPhone Photos are now accessible via Windows Explorer.

CopyTrans Studio pour Windows

Everything you need is now in one place: just open Windows Explorer and find all your iPhone media files on your computer. Browse your iPhone gallery, custom albums or iCloud photos directly on your PC. For your convenience, we introduced the sorting by media type (photos, videos, selfies, live photos, etc.), as well as by date, place, or person, like on your iPhone.

CopyTrans Studio and the ways how can you sort iPhone photos

Of course, we couldn’t leave you without special features – make a full backup of your iPhone Photos by clicking on the button or set up an automatic backup.

Copytrans Studio displays Memories and Smart Albums of your iPhone. What’s more, you can now create your own Smart Albums – you choose your own filters or criteria to create a custom album. It’s now as easy as ABC to save holiday photos of your family or trip pictures.

While creating our new program, we paid special attention to Live Photo. You have often asked us how to view live photos in motion on a PC and how to save only the still part of a photo. For this purpose, we created CopyTrans Viewer – a program for viewing images on Windows, which supports all Apple formats. CopyTrans Studio users get it for free – the two programs are bundled.

CopyTrans Viewer logo and interface

Of course, we kept one of our strongest features – CopyTrans Studio has a built-in converter of heic files. Moreover, you can convert your .heic files during the backup if you select the corresponding option in the settings.

We were able to continue what we started with our latest CopyTrans Filey app – it’s now possible to connect an iPhone to a PC via a cable or Wi-Fi.

CopyTrans Studio Q&A

Does CopyTrans Studio have a free version?

CopyTrans Studio has a free and a paid version. Good news – no more trial actions! We believe that the free version of the product should be a stand-alone and complete product. That’s why you can view and save photos of your choice, convert .heic files, and connect up to 5 devices in the free version. And we don’t change our principles – CopyTrans Studio is still free to download and ad-free.

Every user can upgrade to the Premium plan and do unlimited iPhone backups, create Smart Albums on up to 10 Apple devices.

Can I find CopyTrans Studio in CopyTrans Control Center?

CopyTrans Studio isn’t accessible in CopyTrans Control Center. Our new application has a completely new logic: you don’t need to run any executive to make it work. It means that your iPhone media is automatically integrated into Windows Explorer.

All other CopyTrans applications are still available on our website and can be downloaded and executed in CopyTrans Control Center.

Is CopyTrans Studio part of CopyTrans 7 Pack offer?

CopyTrans Studio isn’t included in the 7 Pack offer. All current CopyTrans 7 Pack licenses are valid and will still be supported. Users can update them if necessary.

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