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That horrible moment when you get this pop up on your iPhone: Storage full in iPhone

…which you will never get again after following this tutorial.

If you have your iCloud Photo Library enabled, you probably notice that all kinds of weird things started happening on your iPhone. You don’t have “Camera Roll” album anymore but get “All photos” album instead, when you try to back up your photos with CopyTrans Photos, you don’t see the ones outside Camera Roll, therefore can’t delete them. If you decided that you don’t want to deal with iCloud Photo Library any longer, or if you simply want your photos to show in CopyTrans Photo app so you can do anything you want with them, this is your lucky day!

Here’s how to select all photos in iCloud and delete all of them:

  1. Go to iCloud browser version and log in using your Apple ID. iCloud sign in page

  2. Once logged in, click on photos. Click on Photos icon in iCloud

  3. You will see all your iCloud Photos displayed in the browser by moments (photos grouped by location you took them at, time of day, etc). If you prefer another display mode, select All Photos from the left-hand pane. In your iCloud, photos are organized by moments.

  4. Now you can view all your photos in the browser. Tap on All Photos to view all your images

  5. Select each photo and tap on a cloud icon in the top right corner to download images one by one from your iCloud account to the computer. Download photos and videos from the iCloud account one by one
    Note: Recently Apple has scrapped the possibility to select and download multiple iCloud photos to the PC. Earlier saving up to 5 GB of images could take you just a few clicks.

  6. However, there’s a workaround. You can select multiple pictures by sharing the entire moments. Select a small plus sigh at the right top corner of one of the moment. Voila! All the pictures in your moment are selected. You can download them to your PC now.
    Save multiple photos from iCloud

  7. Your photos and videos will be downloaded to your computer. You will need to manually extract them from the Downloads folder (or wherever your browser stores downloaded files, mine is in This PC >> Downloads) since browser version of iCloud doesn’t give you the option to download all your photos and videos in a folder of your choice.

  8. Once the downloading process is finished, you can delete all the photos from your iCloud and forget about it forever or continue using it. Personally, I don’t like iCloud Photo Library starting from the times I ran out of space both on my iCloud and my iPhone and I couldn’t do much about it. I didn’t know about CopyTrans Photo at the time so I had to manually download each photo on my PC since iCloud didn’t support selecting multiple photos back then for whatever reason.

    Anyway, to delete all pictures from your iCloud you’ll have to select all your photos one by one again (or by “sharing” as explained above) and click “Delete”. Before deleting make sure all your photos were saved to your computer. Select and delete your iCloud photos one by one

  9. After all the photos and videos are deleted from iCloud, you can now disable your iCloud Photo Library. Go to your iPhone settings >> iCloud >> Photos >> turn iCloud Photo Library switch off. iCloud photo library switch turned off

Congrats! Now you are free from iCloud Photo Library (or at least it’s empty now and you can fill it up again without paying for extra storage space).

If you want to move the photos to your iPhone, here’s how to transfer photos from your PC to your iDevice.

By IrinaCopyTrans

Irina is a marketing and tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market, who dyes her hair in the color of her cats' fur (future cat lady detected) and enjoys sitting on her balcony on a rainy day reading books, watching TV shows, playing video games and drinking hot chocolate. With marshmallows.