How to upload photos to iCloud from PC

How to upload photos to iCloud

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In this article, we will talk about how to upload photos to iCloud from a PC running Windows.

There are several good reasons to use iCloud Photos. First of all, it’s safe: no need to worry whether all twenty pictures of your new puppy eating his breakfast from ten different angles are stored carefully in a cloud. The second reason is that it’s very convenient: you just need to remember your Apple ID credentials to access all your pictures from any device.

What if your phone breaks and PC goes down? What if you decide to never come back home after work and go to Maldives and have fun on a beach for the rest of your life? It’s all set, your pictures will still be with you.

Basically, you have three options to upload photos to iCloud:

In the table below, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of each option.

CopyTrans Cloudly iCloud for Windows
Uploading photos to iCloud Yes Yes Yes
Uploading .HEIC and .PNG files Yes No No
Uploading videos to iCloud Yes No No
Uploading .MOV, .MP4 and .M4V files Yes No No
Uploading all photos Uploads everything at once Uploads only 1000 items at a time Uploads everything at once
Speed (depends on the internet connection speed) 15-30 minutes for every 5 GB Eternity 1,5-3 hours for every 5 GB
Incremental upload and download of new photos (without creating duplicates) Yes No No
Downloading all photos Downloads everything at once Downloads only 1000 items at a time Downloads everything at once
Downloading originals Yes Yes Not always
Deleting all photos Deletes everything at once Deletes only 1000 items at a time No
Preserving album structure Yes No No (downloads by year)
Retrieving permanently deleted photos Yes No No

Upload photos to iCloud

using CopyTrans Cloudly

If you got yourself an iPhone driven by its intuitive interface, you are going to like this: CopyTrans Cloudly is easy to navigate and can upload big amounts of data to iCloud in just a couple of clicks. Besides, Cloudly is the only app to help you out if you need to recover your permanently deleted photos.

💗 What do I gain by using CopyTrans Cloudly?

  • Retain the “date taken” stamp and other image metadata.

  • Upload HEIC, JPEG, PNG images to iCloud in great numbers.

  • Upload MOV, MP4, M4V videos to iCloud.

  • After you’ve uploaded your files to iCloud, you can move or delete them from the PC folder: they will still be available in iCloud.

Here is what you need to do to backup photos to iCloud:

  1. Download CopyTrans Cloudly here:

    Download CopyTrans Cloudly

  2. Install and run the app. It will ask you to enter your iCloud credentials. We use SSL connection to exchange data with iCloud and guarantee 100% safety: you can read more about SSL connection on Wikipedia to make sure.
    Log in to ColyTrans Cloudly
  3. If two-factor authentication is enabled on your device, unlock it and press “Allow”.
    Allow authentication on your device
  4. Enter the verification code from your device.
    Enter authentication code
  5. Click on the “Upload” button.
    Click upload button
  6. Select files you want to upload to iCloud. CopyTrans Cloudly works with .HEIC, .PNG and .JPEG images and .MOV, .MP4, .M4V video files.
  7. When everything is selected, click on the “Upload” button.
    Confirm by clicking upload
  8. Wait while CopyTrans Cloudly is doing the job.
    CopyTrans Cloudly uploading process
  9. All done. Your photos joined the iCloud.
    Successful upload CopyTrans Cloudly

YouTube guide

CopyTrans Cloudly also can:

  • Rescue your permanently deleted photos from Apple servers.

  • Download all iCloud photos to PC in one go.

  • Delete all iCloud photos if necessary.

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How to upload photos to iCloud from PC

via iCloud for Windows

How long does it take to upload photos to iCloud? You will never know if you use iCloud for Windows because there is no progress bar and the only way to know if your photos are in iCloud is to check using another device. However, this program allows you to interact with iCloud in a unique way – through Windows File Explorer.


✔ iCloud for Windows allows to Select folders with images to upload.


❌ The Windows version of iCloud Photos does not upload .HEIC images;

❌ Can’t upload video files;

❌ It is unclear how long it takes for photos to upload to iCloud;

❌ iCloud for Windows has unintuitive and confusing user interface;

❌ The app is unstable and buggy.

Follow the steps below to learn how to save photos to iCloud using

  1. First of all, you need to install iCloud for Windows.
  2. After the installation is completed, log in using your Apple ID.
    iCloud for Windows log in
  3. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you will be prompted to verify your login with a code from your device.
  4. Select the “Photos” option and click on “Apply” to start the synchronization process.
    iCloud for Windows setup
  5. Open File Explorer. On the left side, you will see a new folder, “iCloud Photos”.
    iCloud for Windows folder
  6. Inside the folder, you will see all the photos currently synced to iCloud.
    iCloud for windows library
  7. Copy and paste .JPEG and .PNG files (or entire directories) inside this folder, and they will appear in iCloud shortly.

How to move photos to iCloud


The last option to upload photos to iCloud from PC on our list allows you to interact with iCloud through your browser. But if you are wondering why some of your iCloud photos are not uploading – it is because you can only upload .JPEG files.


✔ There is no need to install anything on your PC: just use any browser.


❌ Doesn’t allow to select a folder;

❌ Can’t upload video files;

❌ Only works with .JPEG images.

If you select this option:

  1. Open
  2. Sign in using your Apple ID. log in
  3. Select “Photos”.
    Select photos option
  4. Click on a cloud icon in the upper-right corner. upload icon
  5. Select the PC photos you would like to upload and click on “Open”. In a couple of seconds, selected photos will be uploaded to the server.
    Select photos to be uploaded

This is how to upload files to iCloud from PC using


Now you know how to add photos to iCloud from PC in three different ways. In the end, it all boils down to what is more convenient for you. If you want to easily sync photos to iCloud in batches – CopyTrans Cloudly is your choice; if you are not afraid of a confusing interface but appreciate an opportunity to operate through File Explorer – choose iCloud for Windows; finally, if you prefer to use your browser, go with

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