how to transfer from iphone to iphone

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

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Yesterday I received a brand new iPhone 13 to replace my current iPhone. How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone and save both data and time? What I need is overtaking data from the old iPhone rather than a “clean install”.


Apparently, there are 3 basic methods to transfer iPhone to iPhone in iOS 15:

  • Quick Start;
  • restoring from an iCloud or iTunes backup;
  • restoring from a backup made with third-party software.

💡 If you have already set up your new iPhone, then the data created during this period will be lost if you use any of the methods listed above.

Clearly, each of these approaches has its advantages and drawbacks, so if you’re reading this article, most probably you’ve come across the problem of iPhone Quick Start not working.

Our guide will get you out of a tight spot and cover alternative methods to clone iPhone. Choose one of the sections below:

iPhone Quick Start

Quick Start iPhone is a method designed to migrate user data automatically and securely to a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

The only requirement to use this option is that both of your devices need to be running iOS 11 or later.

Quick Start iPhone setup

Here are the simple steps on how to use Quick Start iPhone:

1. Take the devices and place them next to each other. Make sure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Turn on your new iPhone, make sure Bluetooth is activated, and select the option to set it up with your Apple ID.

3. Wait for an animation to appear on your new iPhone. You’ll need to center it in the viewfinder.

4. Then you’ll see a message that says Finish on New [Device].

5. When asked, enter your current device’s passcode on your new iPhone. Then follow the instructions to set up Face ID or Touch ID.

For more detailed instructions please refer to the Apple support article.

Quick Start iPhone

Quick Start iPhone not working

Even though Quick Start is a helpful and powerful tool, many users complain about the following issues:

😫 Devices don’t seem to recognize each other even while being in close proximity;
😟 The activation isn’t completed properly.

Remember about these simple rules before transferring data to new iPhone to avoid transfer directly from iPhone not working:

✔ Make sure you have turned on Bluetooth on both devices;
✔ Both of your iPhones are working on iOS 11 or later;
✔ Don’t forget to restart your devices to finish the setup process.

If the issues persist and Quick Start is still not working, learn about the alternative methods on the iPhone transfer to new phone below.

How to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

using a backup made with third-party software

Let’s be honest: iCloud backup is not perfect. A lot of people still go with it, though, because it is wireless and automatic. If you thought iCloud was the only option to transfer your data, then you must be surprised by now. There are many reasons why you are wondering how to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud:

  • You’re looking for easier and quicker options;

  • Your iCloud storage is full, and now you want to transfer data to new iPhone.

Besides Quick Start iPhone you can transfer data to new iPhone using CopyTrans Shelbee – an application that is specifically designed to perform backups and restore data. Let’s do it as swiftly as possible!

CopyTrans Shelbee will allow you to transfer Settings, Messages, Camera Roll and much more. If interested, you can see the full list here.

Indisputable advantages of using CopyTrans Shelbee:

😍 CopyTrans Shelbee doesn’t require you to have both iPhones at hand at the same time for the sync;

🥰 You can choose which data you want to transfer.

How to backup contacts on iPhone

Some other perks of CopyTrans Shelbee:

✔ Can do a full or incremental backup;

✔ Allows you to choose the folder to save the backup to;

Validates backups made;

✔ Can restore a full iPhone backup or just some selected data;

✔ Restores data from a corrupted iTunes backup.

Try for free

Learn how to clone an iPhone using CopyTrans Shelbee in 2 steps:

1. Back up your old device.
2. Restore data from a full backup or selectively.

Here we go:

  1. Download and install CopyTrans Shelbee:Download CopyTrans Shelbee

  2. If you need help installing CopyTrans Shelbee, please refer to the installation guide.

  3. Run the program, connect your old iPhone or iPad to your PC and click on Backup -> Full Backup.
    CopyTrans Shelbee main menu

  4. Select the backup destination by clicking on a green pencil. By default, iTunes saves your backups to C:\Users\*your user name*\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup.

  5. If you want to backup your apps, check “Save the apps“. You will need to log in to the App Store and have a stable internet connection.

    ⚡ Your apps will be backed up from the App Store in .ipa format. CopyTrans Shelbee will also back up app data, but only if the app developer allows that.

    Backup iOS apps to computer

  6. If you chose to back up apps, log in to the App Store.

  7. If you see this screen, it means you have an iOS backup password set up. CopyTrans Shelbee asks for it to validate the backup and make sure you can restore from it later. iTunes will backup at once but won’t restore until you’ve inserted the right password. What password again?

    ⚡ Encrypted backups include passwords, Wi-Fi settings, etc. More about encrypted backups from Apple.
    ⚡ If you don’t remember your iOS backup password, you can reset it.

    Insert iOS backup password

  8. Now please wait until the backup is complete.

  9. And done! The backup is saved to the folder of your choice. Here is what it includes.

Below is a summary of the most popular methods used to back up iPhone, including CopyTrans Shelbee.

🖥️ iTunes 🐝 CopyTrans Shelbee ☁️ iCloud
Requirements iPhone and lightning cable,
uses PC space
iPhone and lightning cable,
uses PC space
iPhone and Wi-Fi,
uses iCloud space
Full backup ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Incremental backup
(with latest changes)
*you can’t choose the type of backup
*choose the type of backup
Encrypted backup ✔️ ✔️
Check backup integrity ✔️
Check for password issues ✔️
Choose backup folder ✔️
Move default backup location ✔️
Backup to external drive ✔️
Backup passwords, Wi-Fi settings, browsing history ✔️
*backup should be encrypted
*backup should be encrypted
Backup apps in .ipa format ✔️
Full restore ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Selective restore (only photos, only messages, etc.) ✔️

To restore data with CopyTrans Shelbee:

  1. Run CopyTrans Shelbee and connect your new iPhone

    to the PC.

  2. Click on Full restore. Restore iPhone from backup

  3. Click on the green pencil icon on the right to select a backup to restore from. Choose full restore of iPhone from backup

  4. In the newly-opened window, select the backup file that you wish to restore from. If you made multiple backups, you will see all the backups stored in the chosen folder. Select iPhone backup to restore from

  5. If you wish to restore your apps as well, please log in to iTunes Store with your Apple ID. Log in with Aplle ID to backup or restore apps

  6. Wait until the restore process is complete. Restore iPhone from backup process

  7. Done! This is how to transfer from iPhone to iPhone using CopyTrans Shelbee.

With CopyTrans Shelbee, you can also choose data you want to restore. Learn about the data types below:

🔸 Contacts;
🔸 SMS Messages, iMessage, MMS pictures and videos;
🔸 Camera Roll Photos;
🔸 Calendar events & accounts;
🔸 Reminders;
🔸 Call history;
🔸 Apps;
🔸 App documents;
🔸 Keychain, passwords for email accounts, Wi-Fi and websites**;
🔸 Notes;
🔸 App accounts and passwords**;
🔸 Settings.

** requires the backup to be encrypted

💡 Learn more about selective restore in our support article.

Download CopyTrans Shelbee!

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How to clone an iPhone

using an iTunes or iCloud backup

Aside from specialized software, you can clone iPhone using an iTunes or iCloud backup in 2 steps:
1. Back up your old device.
2. Restore data from a full backup.

To backup your iPhone:

  • iTunes: On PC, Start iTunes > choose File > Devices > Back Up.
  • iCloud: Go to iPhone Settings > your name > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Back up now.

We have prepared detailed reviews on iTunes and iCloud backups.

Once your backup is ready, put your old iPhone aside. Now it’s time to transfer to new iPhone. Here is all you should know about restoring from iTunes backup or moving data from iCloud backup.

To sum up, Quick Start iPhone can be a helping hand when transferring data to new iPhone. However, this is not the best option due to recurring errors. CopyTrans Shelbee is a reliable method to transfer data to iPhone. We hope the methods described in the article will help you avoid transferring data to new iPhone stuck issue and successfully transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.

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