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It so happens that most of my contacts are saved in Gmail. I used to struggle every time I had to import Google contacts to iPhone. I tried some methods, but I used to get some problems and errors:

❌ Some of my iPhone contacts aren’t syncing to Google
❌ My Gmail has stopped syncing suddenly
❌ No data exists after moving Gmail contacts to iPhone

Just don’t worry, it turns out that with the help of one tool I can sync google contacts with iPhone within minutes! This quick guide shows exactly how to transfer google contacts to iPhone using CopyTrans Contacts.

Get the hang of it with our text guide and YouTube tutorial:

Import contacts from Google to iPhone

Where are Google contacts

  1. To find Google contacts, log in to your Google account with any browser and navigate to Google Contacts:
  2. Log in to Google and navigate to your Google contacts

    Export Google contacts

  3. And now, how to get contacts from Gmail? Easy! In the left-side panel, click on “More” > “Export” and select “vCard”. Hit “Export” to backup Google Contacts to a computer.
  4. Export Google Contacts to PC

  5. Save the “contacts.vcf” file to your computer. This file contains all your Gmail contacts.

  6. Transfer Google contacts to iPhone

  7. Now you are ready to sync Google Contacts with iPhone. Download CopyTrans Contacts and install it:
  8. Download CopyTrans Contacts

    Advantages of CopyTrans Contacts:

    ✔️ Save contacts in a few clicks;
    ✔️ Work with different formats: .xlsx; .vcf; .csv;
    ✔️ Manage all iPhone, iCloud, Outlook, and Gmail contacts;
    ✔️ Easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

  9. Run the program and connect your iPhone. Wait until the program loads your data.
  10. Now you are ready to import contacts from Gmail. In the main program window, tap on “Import contacts” in order to – you guessed it – import Google contacts to iPhone. Select “From a file (all contact formats)”:
  11. sync Google contacts with iPhone

  12. Navigate to the location where you saved the *.vcf file with Google contacts, and hit “Open”:
  13. Contacts from gmail to iPhone

  14. That is how to backup contacts from Google on your iPhone and PC. Just find all your Google contacts imported to your iPhone!
  15. import Google contacts to iPhone

CopyTrans Contacts features


✔️ Export iPhone contacts to PC
✔️ Import contacts to iPhone
✔️ Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone
✔️ Move contacts from Android to iPhone
✔️ Sync Outlook contacts with iPhone


✔️ Back up WhatsApp chats
✔️ Save WhatsApp photos


✔️ Back up iPhone SMS messages
✔️ Export iPhone SMS to PDF


✔️ Sync iPhone calendar with Outlook
✔️ Copy Outlook calendar with iPhone

Try CopyTrans Contacts for free!

Sync Google contacts with iPhone

YouTube tutorial


We just give you an easy solution on how to get contacts from Gmail to iPhone. Just use CopyTrans Contacts, and importing Google contacts to iPhone won’t be a problem for you anymore. But that’s not it! There is an alternative way to transfer Google contacts on iPhone without having to save the contacts to PC. To find out more, refer to this article – How to transfer iPhone contacts between cloud accounts?

Download CopyTrans Contacts

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