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Whether you’re printing text messages to present evidence in a court case or simply rereading them later, you’ve come to the right place. Let us tell you a thing or two about how to print text messages from iPhone.

Can text messages be used in court? – Yes, text messages can be used in court!

Here, we explain how to print text messages from iPhone for court free or other purposes, even if you don’t have the conversation on your iPhone anymore!

Learn how to print text messages from iPhone with dates and times, attachments, emojis, and voice messages.

Four simple steps to print messages with CopyTrans Contacts:

  1. Connect your device to your PC.
  2. Select the conversation you wish to print.
  3. Save the conversation in PDF.
  4. Print the PDF file.

If you have accidentaly deleted your messages, we have a guide on how to retrieve deleted text messages.

Choose what suits your needs:

Can text messages be used in court

Those who need to print text or Whatsapp messages from their iPhones might be wondering if they can be used in court. Yes, text messages can be used in court as evidence.

However, there are some requirements for printed evidence:

  • The cell number of all chat participants should be clearly displayed

  • There should be a time stamp next to each message

Of course, you can make screenshots on your iPhone by scrolling down the chat and capturing each screen individually, but even for a small conversation, the process is really time-consuming.

Сan you search text messages on iPhone and then print text messages for court? Yes! We suggest that you use CopyTrans Contacts. Here are 5 good reasons:

CopyTrans Contacts main window
✔️ Transfer iPhone messages to PC in a form appropriate for use in court;
✔️ Save all attachments like photos, videos, GIFs, and voice messages in a separate folder;
✔️ Export messages for a specific period;
✔️ Back up messages in a few clicks;
Download CopyTrans Contacts

Here are some favorable reviews of our customers who have successfully used CopyTrans Contacts to print messages from iPhone and present them as evidence in court:

Can text messages be used in court

Print text messages from iPhone

When the time comes, and you need to select the chats/messages you intend to keep and not end up having to back up all other texts you don’t really need – CopyTrans Contacts gets in there! Here is a full guide on how to print a text message from iPhone. Follow the steps:

  1. First, we need a tool to read and save text messages. Download CopyTrans Contacts from the following page and install it:

    Download CopyTrans Contacts

  2. Let your iPhone data load and click on the speech bubble icon on the left-hand side of the main program window. You will see all your iPhone text messages. Select SMS/iMessage (or WhatsApp, Viber, or Line if you need a conversation from there) from the Sources pane on the top.

    Print text messages from iPhone

    Note: Please refer to this troubleshooting article if you don’t see the iPhone text messages in CopyTrans Contacts.

  3. To export messages for a specific period, click on the cogwheel symbol under the list of services and choose the exact time frames: Export messages in PDF for a certain period

  4. In the Messages pane, select the dialogues to print. You can choose specific messages in the main working area on the right.
    To print text messages from your iPhone, click Export selected. Export specific conversations in PDF

  5. Next, choose a format for message export. Word, Plain-text, Excel, or PDF are the best formats for printing text messages. Export messages for printing

    The PDF format is also great if you want to enjoy conversations with emojis. You can find more information in our guide on export text messages from iPhone to pdf. how to print text messages from iphone

  6. The program will download all the text messages to your PC in the format of your choice (we chose Word). To view iPhone messages on PC, open the folder with the contact name and double-click on the Word file.

    Saved iPhone text message in Word

  7. To print text messages from iPhone, open the corresponding Word file. In Microsoft Word: File → Print, then click Print.how to print out text messages from iPhone

Here is how to print out text messages from iPhone with the help of CopyTrans Contacts. Easy, right?

How to print out text messages from iPhone

YouTube guide

How to print text messages

Print deleted messages

If you can’t find the conversation you need, try searching your backups! There is a chance that it had been automatically backed up to iTunes or iCloud.

So, how to search iPhone messages and how to view text messages on iCloud? In this case you don’t need an iPhone to perform a check: just your PC and CopyTrans Backup Extractor:

iPhone backup location on PC

✔️ find all the backups automatically;

✔️ save all the backup data on your PC

✔️ compatible with different backups: iCloud, iTunes, CopyTrans Shelbee, or other programs;

Download CopyTrans Backup Extractor

  1. Install and run the program. It will automatically find and display all iPhone backups on your computer, sorted by date.

    NOTE: If you can’t see the backup you need, it can be in iCloud. Let CopyTrans Backup Extractor check it for you: click iCloud Backups.

  2. How to print deleted text messages from iPhone

  3. Select the backup containing the conversation.

  4. CopyTrans Backup Extractor interface

  5. Click on Messages and press Extract. Now select the destination folder

  6. Extracting messages from an iPhone backup file

Here you go! Your messages are waiting in the chosen folder and now you can print iPhone text messages.

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Print from iPhone

Can you print text messages from iPhone? It can be time-consuming for multiple conversations as you can only take a screenshot for one message each time. With CopyTrans Contacts, you know how to print text messages from iPhone: select, save and print messages in multiple formats in a heartbeat! Let us know how our instructions worked out for you in the comments below.

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