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how to print from iphone

Apple introduced AirPrint to answer the question of millions of iPhone users – how to print from iPhone?

But AirPrint is not always the answer. There are pretty common issues of AirPrint not working, or no AirPrint printers found. And what if you want to print messages, contacts but you don’t have an AirPrint-enabled printer around? Read this article, and you’ll find out.

If you’re facing any of those issues, this guide will help you and cover alternative methods to print from iPhone. Select one of the sections below:

What is AirPrint

Have you ever been wondering if it is possible to print from your iPhone or any iOS device directly to your printer? With AirPrint your wish will be granted without throwing a coin in the Trevi fountain.

So, what is AirPrint? It is an Apple technology built into printers that allows iPhone users to print easily over Wi-Fi without having to install the drivers.

💡 Most newer printers and print servers are compatible with the AirPrint technology. The full list of AirPrint enabled devices can be found in the Apple support article.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround to enable backward compatibility with older printers if they do not support AirPrint by default.

AirPrint not working

How to fix

In case your printer is on the list but you’re getting the error message no AirPrint printers found, there may be a few things preventing this:

  1. You’re using a public wireless network or hotspot. Therefore, you have AirPrint not working as it requires security protection to be enabled.
  2. Your router doesn’t support Bonjour. Make sure your router supports Bonjour or add the printer to your printer list using the IP tab and the printer IP address.
  3. Your iPhone is connected directly to the printer via Wi-Fi instead of your router or access point.

If you’re on the same page with these rules, but still facing some issues, follow our tips below:

    ✔ Move your router closer to the printer;

    ✔ Make sure that Airplane mode is off;

    ✔ Restart your printer, router and iOS device;

    ✔ Make sure that your iOS device and printer are connected to the same network and are not hidden;

    ✔ Check if your iPhone and printer received the most recent update.

How to print from iPhone without AirPrint

If you still receive the “No AirPrint printers found” error, it makes sense to look for other options. Luckily, CopyTrans developed a bundle of apps for the job to show you how to print from iPhone without AirPrint.

To start with, select the type of data you need to print from iPhone:

How to print iPhone photos

If you have a PC at hand, you can easily print pictures from iPhone with CopyTrans Photo.

Follow the steps:

  1. Download CopyTrans Photo:Download CopyTrans Photo for free

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing the program, please refer to the installation guide.

  3. Run CopyTrans Photo and connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable. iPhone or iPad photos appear on the left-hand side of the main program window. Your PC folders will appear on the right:CopyTrans Photo main window interface

  4. Select the iPhone album containing the photos you wish to print. Select Camera Roll to see the most recent photos.iPhone photo album selection in CopyTrans Photo

  5. Then, select the photos and drag and drop them to the PC side.

    Select multiple photos by clicking on them one by one while holding down Ctrl. To select all pictures, press Ctrl + A
    How to print from iPhone

  6. Now click Apply changes.CopyTrans Photo Apply changes button

  7. After that, right-click on any of the transferred photos and select Open in Explorer.Show iPhone photos on PC

  8. Open the folder, select the photos again, right-click and select Print.How to print pictures from iPhone

This is how to print photos from iPhone!

How to print text messages from iPhone

We have two articles on printing iPhone text messages:

How to print text messages from iPhone

How to print contacts from iPhone

Print contacts from iPhone using CopyTrans Contacts and Microsoft Excel.

Here is how:

  1. Download CopyTrans Contacts from the following page:
    Download CopyTrans Contacts for free

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing the program, please refer to the installation guide.

  3. Run the program and connect your iPhone to PC using a USB cable.

  4. Select the contacts you wish to print from the contacts list. Then, click Export selected.

    Select several contacts by checking the boxes next to each contact you wish to print.
    Select all iPhone contacts by checking the Contacts box.
    Selecting iPhone contacts to print

  5. A new window with several choices will appear. Select Excel (single .xls file).Exporting iPhone contacts to Excel using CopyTrans Contacts

  6. Navigate to the location on your PC where you wish the contacts to be saved and click OK.

  7. Your iPhone contacts will be extracted to your PC as a single Excel *.xlsx file. Open the file in Microsoft Excel.iPhone contacts in Excel document

  8. Once you open the file in Excel, select the columns you don’t want to print.
    To do so, click on the letter title for each respective column while holding down Ctrl, right-click on one of the selected titles and select Hide.Selecting iPhone contacts to print them

  9. After that, press Ctrl+P or File→Print and click Print.Excel Print button

Here is how to print contacts from iPhone!

How to print documents from iPhone

Printing documents from iPhone is easy with the help of CopyTrans Filey.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Download CopyTrans Filey from the following page:
    Download CopyTrans Filey for free

  2. Install and start the program. If you need help installing the program, please refer to the installation guide.

  3. Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable.
    On the main screen, you will see a list of recent files from your iPhone.
    If you don’t see the file you wish to print, click all files.Recent iPhone documents in CopyTrans Filey

  4. The list with all iPhone files will appear. Look for the file you need and double-click on it.List of all iPhone documents in CopyTrans Filey

  5. The file will open in the corresponding program.iPhone PDF document to be printed

  6. Press Ctrl+P, select your printer and click Print.How to print documents from iPhone

We hope the methods described in the article will help you avoid No AirPrint printers found issue and successfully print from iPhone.

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