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Take full control of your iPod, iPad and iPhone photos

Learn how to manage iPod, iPad and iPhone photos and videos with CopyTrans Photo. This powerful photo transfer tool allows you to browse, transfer, copy and share photos and videos from your iOS device with family and friends.

CopyTrans Photo is fully compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad Air and iPod touch, as well as any iPod supporting photos.

This guide contains the following sections:

To get started, download CopyTrans Photo from the following page:

Download CopyTrans Photo

CopyTrans Photo overview

Open CopyTrans Photo and connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Your device photo library appears on the left side of the screen, and PC folders appear on the right.

CopyTrans Photo interface

Hide and show the iOS album list and PC folder tree

  1. iPhone albums are displayed in the pane on the far left.

    iPhone ablum structure in CopyTrans Photo

  2. You can switch from the album list view to the album tab view by clicking the blue symbol on the top left.

    iPhone ablum structure panel view in CopyTrans Photo

  3. The folder tree on the right side of the program allows you to browse through your PC folders. You can hide the explorer by clicking on the blue icon in the top-right corner above the listed folders.

    List of computer folders in CopyTrans Photo

Download a free test version of CopyTrans Photo

Try CopyTrans Photo

Create albums on your iPad or iPhone

  1. Before copying photos to and from your device, you need to learn how to create new photo albums.

    To create a new album, click on the green photos symbol on the top left.

    iPhone album creation button in CopyTrans Photo

  2. Next, enter a name for the ablum and click on “OK”.

  3. Your albums will be created in the iPhone Photo Library, not in the Camera Roll. Camera Roll only stores the pictures you have taken with the iPhone.

Create folder shortcuts in CopyTrans Photo

  1. You can create folder shortcuts in CopyTrans Photo to access your PC folders quickly. The path to the currently open folder will then be saved as a shortcut.

    Use the Explorer to open a new folder and then click on the “+” button on top of the PC pane.

    New PC tab button in CopyTrans Photo

  2. To close the shortcut, right-click on it and select the “Close tab” option from the pop-up menu.

    Close PC tab button in CopyTrans Photo

Transfer PC Photos to iPod, iPad or iPhone

Open any computer folder and select the pictures or videos you want to add to your iPhone. Then, drag and drop the selected items to the left-hand side of the window (see the screenshot below).

Drag and drop photos from PC to iPhone using CopyTrans Photo

PC photos can be transferred either to the iPhone Photo Library or to an album, but not to Camera Roll, as it contains photos taken on your iPhone camera only.

Transfer iPod, iPad and iPhone Photos to PC

To transfer iPhone photos and videos back to your computer, select and drag and drop photos and videos to the left-hand pane.

Drag and drop photos from iPhone to PC using CopyTrans Photo

You can download all photos and videos from your device to PC by clicking the blue “Full backup” button.

Convert HEIC to JPEG when transferring to PC

CopyTrans Photo has three options to manage photo extension during the transfer process:

  • Transfer as JPEG.
  • Transfer as HEIC.
  • Transfer as both JPEG and HEIC.

CopyTrans Photo also supports the new Apple ProRAW format.
CopyTrans Photo file format options

Change the order of photos in Photo Library

In a Photo Library album, place the photos in the desired order using drag and drop.

The order will be maintained when you transfer the photos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to PC.
Rearranging photos in CopyTrans Photo

Transfer live photos to PC and back

CopyTrans Photo transfers live photos to PC as a pair of files: a JPEG or HEIC and a short MOV video file so you can enjoy the live moment on your PC.

If you want to upload this photo to another iOS device, the program will glue it back together.

Importing live photos from iPhone to PC with CopyTrans Photo

Keep EXIF data intact

Don’t worry about the EXIF data getting lost when transferring photos. CopyTrans Photo transfers images including all the embedded information: GPS coordinates, date, time, device model, etc.

EXIF data

Apply changes to iPhone, iPad or iPod

Finally, click on the “Apply changes” button to save all the modifications you’ve made. In case you don’t want the changes to take effect, just click on the circle arrow in the top-left corner to refresh the program.

Apply changes button in CopyTrans Photo

Well, that’s it! We hope you’ll enjoy using CopyTrans Photo.

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