Turn your iPhone into a USB drive

Turn your iPhone into a USB flash drive

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You wish you carried around a USB flash drive as often as you did with your iPhone but you always forget the little son of a gun at your desk and out of your pocket?

Time to learn how easy it is to turn the iPhone in to a removable flash storage and transport just about any type of file and document.

How to use your iPhone as flash drive

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a true flash drive with the free PC-based CopyTrans Apps. Begin by downloading CopyTrans Apps from the page below

Download CopyTrans Apps free

  1. Now get hold of the free FileManager app available from the App Store for both iPhone and iPad free file manager app on iphone app store

  2. On your PC, run CopyTrans Apps and connect the iPhone via the USB cable. Your iPhone apps populate the main program window iphone app list in copytrans

  3. Select the FileManager app filemanager app selected in copytrans apps

  4. Click on the “Add documents” button to add any type of file or document from the computer add files and documents to iphone

    Tip: Alternatively drag and drop files and folders directly from your PC to the right-hand side of the open CopyTrans Apps window. drag and drop files from desktop to iphone

  5. The files are instantly added to the iPhone memory filemanager app on iphone populated with files and documents

  6. All files and documents are accessible on the iPhone within the FileManager app and you can directly view PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel documents and more on the device. You are also able to play the videos you transferred and view the photos you added to the iPhone filemanager app showing iphone files and folders

  7. Transfer files and documents copied on the iPhone to any other PC in much the same way. Simply run CopyTrans Apps on the new computer, connect the iPhone, and select the FileManager app from the list copytrans apps window with filemanager app selected

  8. Then drag and drop the files to the Desktop or to any open folder on the new PC drag iphone documents and drop them to pc desktop

    Tip: You can directly edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files without the need to save them on the new PC by simply double-clicking on the respective file within CopyTrans Apps. edit word files stored on iphone from pc

This is how easy it is to turn your iPhone into a true USB drive.

Did you know? CopyTrans Apps allows you to create folders on the iPhone and organize your files in much the same way you would do on any removable drive. Simply right-click within the right-hand side of the CopyTrans Apps window and select “New Directory”. create folders on iphone with copytrans apps

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