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The iPad is the perfect tool for watching movies on the go. The large screen and long battery life allow for higher versatility than a laptop while newer iPad generations are capable of playing high quality HD videos on 1080p and 720p.

This tutorial demonstrates how to transfer movies of almost any file type to iPad and play them directly without the need to convert the files in iTunes. The method works for any iOS device including iPad Pro as well as for iPhone and iPod touch.

Watch our YouTube tutorial:

Or read the article below:

  1. First, get the right video player app for your iPad. We used the free VLC for iOS* vlc for ios on ipad home screen under ios 9

    *NOTE: There are many other free and paid apps which can do the job, e.g. PlayerXtreme. Both apps support playback of various video files including mkv, avi, rmvb, flv, wmv, mov, mp4, ts, mpg and divx. From all the player apps we tested, we found that OPlayer and RockPlayer2 play higher frame-rate HD videos (i.e. 60fps) without lag, especially on slower devices.

  2. On your computer, download CopyTrans Apps: Download CopyTrans Apps

  3. Run CopyTrans Apps and connect the iPad. The iPad apps appear on the right. Click on the VLC app icon: copytrans apps main window with a list of ipad apps

  4. On the PC, open a new Explorer window, and navigate to the location where you have your movies movie files in various formats on windows pc

  5. Select all the movies you wish to transfer to the iPad and drag-drop them to the left-hand side of the CopyTrans Apps window. Stand-by for the transfer to complete transfer movies to ipad via drag and drop

    NOTE: You can also add movie files to iPad by clicking on the “Add documents” button at the bottom copytrans apps movie transfer in progress

  6. Once the video files transfer, run VLC from the device screen. The movies are added to the iPad. 1080p movie playing on ipad in oplayer

This is how to transfer movies to iPad and watch them directly on the device. Are you using an alternative video player on your iPad to watch movies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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