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If you have ever wondered how to backup WhatsApp, you have come to the right place. Exporting WhatsApp chat to PC, including photos, voice messages and gifs can be done in just a few clicks and without much hassle. You can choose between three different ways of transferring WhatsApp chat to PC. The described methods only work for those, who want to backup Whatsapp messages on iPhone.

There are three ways to backup WhatsApp on iPhone:

Backup WhatsApp to PC via CopyTrans Contacts

Use the latest version of CopyTrans Contacts to backup WhatsApp. If needed, update to the latest CopyTrans version.

  1. Download CopyTrans Contacts from the following page: Download CopyTrans Contacts

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans Contacts, please refer to the Installation Guide.

  3. Run CopyTrans Contacts and connect your iPhone. The program starts loading all the iPhone data. save your whatsapp messages to the pc

  4. Click on the Messages tab (a speech-bubble icon on the left) and stand-by until you see all your iPhone text messages loaded.

  5. Select “WhatsApp” from the “Sources” pane on the top left. You will see all your WhatsApp conversations listed below. WhatsApp, Line, Viber and sms messaging services are all in CopyTrans Contacts

  6. To export messages for the specific period, click on a cogwheel symbol under a list of services and choose the exact time frame. Save and print iPhone text messages for a certain period of time

  7. Choose the conversations you wish to back up. To select a conversation, tick the checkbox next to each message thread on the left. To select all conversations at once, check the “Messages” box on top. You can also select individual messages within each conversation in the same way. Click on the “Export selected” button. Backup text messages on iPhone to Word document

  8. Select the backup format. CopyTrans Contacts can save WhatsApp chat in various formats including PDF, web page (HTML), Word, Plain Text, and Excel. how to save all whatsapp photos from iphone in a pc folder

    Note: CopyTrans Contacts will automatically place all photos, videos, GIFs, voice messages and stickers from each conversation to a separate folder created on your PC. Please note that the attachment folder will be created for all export formats except for Excel and CSV.

  9. Time to transfer that WhatsApp backup to PC! Browse for a location on your PC to place the exported messages (or create a new folder). I prefer saving messages on my desktop so that I could find them easily later. Once selected, click OK. how to export attachments from whatsapp imessage sms viber and line threads on iphone to pc

  10. CopyTrans Contacts will create a folder with your device name on your desktop. In my case, it’s “Rina’s iPhone 6S”. how to save all iphone messages to the pc

  11. So open this folder and tap on Messages. how to back up gifs and videos from whatsapp on the iphone to a pc folder

  12. Select the latest backup folder. how to save imessage stickers and voice messages to a pc folder

  13. Open the conversation of your choice. You’ll find a folder containing all attachments from this exchange inside. back up your iphone conversations to a folder on your computer

Restore WhatsApp messages to iPhone

If you’d like to restore just WhatsApp messages from a backup, use CopyTrans Shelbee Custom restore option.Restore WhatsApp messages

Try Custom restore in CopyTrans Shelbee to transfer just the data you need

Backup WhatsApp messages to iCloud

WhatsApp chat histories are not stored on WhatsApp servers. So using iCloud for Whatsapp backup can be an option. iCloud allows you to keep a backup copy of WhatsApp chat histories online. However, conversations stored in iCloud are not readily accessible on either the iPhone or the PC. Use this backup method in case you wish to restore WhatsApp conversions to another iOS device.

  1. Run WhatsApp on the iPhone. Open WhatsApp

  2. Navigate to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup. Back up the chat

  3. If you want your WhatsApp videos included in the backup, shift the toggle against “Include Videos” to the ON position. Turn the Auto Backup option on if you want to enable automatic backup. Turn on Auto Backup and include videos

    You can set up the frequency of auto backups. set whatsapp auto-backup interval

  4. Tap on”Back Up Now”. Back up your WhatsApp Chat Histories

Export WhatsApp chat via email(an alternative solution)

Sending WhatsApp messages via email is easy but not ideal, as this will only generate a TXT file. You can send only 10,000 messages at one time. To backup WhatsApp conversations via email do as follows.

  1. Open WhatsApp and navigate to the conversation you wish to email. Then tap the contact name on top.
    Restored message

  2. Tap on “Export Chat” and choose whether to include media (i.e. attached photos or videos). Attach Media

  3. Now choose Email or another service.
    Select the service

An email will be sent containing the conversation(s) text saved into an attached TXT file. If you selected to include media, all photos/videos from the conversation(s) will also be included as individual attachments. You are only able to send WhatsApp chats via email but not restore them back to the iPhone using this method.

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