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iCloud Music Library is a versatile tool to keep all your music in sync across all your devices. To use it, you must have a subscription to Apple Music or iTunes Match. However, some users prefer to turn off iCloud Music Library to keep their music away from streaming servers as they may be unstable.

In this article, we will explain what iCloud Music Library is, cover its pros and cons, and show how to disable iCloud Music Library without losing your precious music collection.

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What is iCloud Music Library

iCloud Music Library is a service from Apple allowing you to access Apple Music or iTunes Match at any time on any of your devices. You only need to be signed in with the same Apple ID. Learn what data is stored iCloud Music Library.

With iCloud Music Library, you can:

✔ stream and download tracks listed on the iTunes Store to up to 10 devices;
✔ store up to 100 000 songs with Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription, iCloud storage does not count.

However, iCloud Music Library has a number of drawbacks too:

❌ it is part of the paid Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription;
❌ it can mess up the metadata of your tracks;
❌ therefore, you need a full backup of your music on PC (luckily, we have a solution!);
❌ you can’t manually sync iTunes music to your iPhone;
❌ you can’t use it all over the world, here is the list of supported countries.

If the drawbacks seem serious enough to you, keep reading the article to learn how to disable iCloud Music Library.

How to disable iCloud Music Library

iCloud Music Library or Apple Music do not make backups, so make sure you have a copy of your music before enabling/disabling iCloud Music Library.

When you enable iCloud Music Library on iPhone, local iPhone songs are synced to the Apple Music Catalog. Your library is then populated with DRM-protected copies of your songs until you choose to disable iCloud Music Library.

Therefore, back up your music. We strongly recommend backing up the songs and videos that are stored on your iPhone to prevent data loss. Here is our solution:

CopyTrans interface


Copy your music library from any iPod or iPhone to your PC or directly to iTunes in just a few clicks. CopyTrans backs up music, videos, playlists, ringtones, audio books, even voice memos.

To disable iCloud Music Library:

  1. Navigate to Settings.

  2. Tap “Music”.

  3. Do the following:

    For a device using iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or later: Turn off Sync Library.
    Toggle the Sync Library switch to the OFF position
    For a device using an earlier version of iOS: Turn off iCloud Music Library.

    NOTE: the option to turn off the iCloud Music Library will only show if you are subscribed to Apple Music or iTunes Match.

How to delete music from iPhone

Looking for a lightweight alternative to iTunes? Look no further than CopyTrans Manager. It is an iTunes alternative for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, allowing you to add and delete music from iPhone, create and edit playlists, find and add album artworks and edit track info. Moreover, it is completely free for home users!

CopyTrans Manager interface

CopyTrans Manager

Drag and drop tracks from your computer directly to your iPhone using CopyTrans Manager. You can put songs, videos, ringtones, podcasts or books on any iPhone, iPod or iPad without syncing it to iTunes.

This account does not have iCloud Music enabled

Some users claim that they are running into the error messsage saying “This account does not have iCloud Music enabled” when they want to use Apple Music:

iCloud Music is not enabled error

If so, follow the troubleshooting steps below. After each step, check if the issue has been fixed.

  1. Check if there are any service interruptions on the Apple side. To do that, visit the Apple System Status page and check if the Apple Music icon is green/yellow/red. If there are any technical issues, you will see more details under the yellow/red icon.

  2. Restart your device.

  3. Ensure that the latest versions of iOS and iTunes are installed on your iPhone and PC.

  4. Ensure you have a stable network connection.

  5. Sign in and out of your Apple account.

  6. Turn off and on Sync Library.

  7. Reset network settings. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Note that it will clean up all your network settings.

Have any more questions about iCloud Music Library? Let us know in the comments section below.

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