How to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes

This article briefly explains how to transfer your iPhone music to a Windows PC using CopyTrans. First of all, you need to download and install CopyTrans: Then decide what kind of transfer you want to perform: Transfer all music from iPhone to iTunes Transfer all songs from iPhone to a computer folder Specific tracks from […]

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CopyTrans User Guides

iTunes does not allow you to copy iPhone songs to your PC unless you purchased the songs in the iTunes Store. CopyTrans comes to the rescue. It will help you backup and transfer iPhone, iPad and iPod songs and videos as well as playlists to iTunes or to a selected folder on your PC. To […]

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How to fix a corrupt iTunes library

One day you turn your PC on and suddenly your iTunes is empty: music is missing, videos are gone. Such errors usually occur when a certain action prevented iTunes from finishing writing to its library, e.g. when you were updating your device and it got disconnected, resulting in iTunes library corruption. If you feel like […]

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How to transfer music from iPhone to computer

Are you tired of listening to your favorite songs only on your iPhone? Do you want to have access to your music library on your computer? We all know how important our iPhones are for storing and listening to our music collection. However, having a backup of your songs on your computer can provide an […]

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Getting Started with CopyTrans

CopyTrans is a tool to help you back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod audial content to iTunes or to a folder on your PC. To make it easier to use the tool, we wrote this guide to illustrate the basic functionality of CopyTrans. Read the whole article or choose one point from the list […]

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CopyTrans Troubleshooting

Welcome to CopyTrans support page. It contains a collection of the most common support cases prepared by our customer support agents. You will mostly likely find everything you need on this page. Please use the main Table of contents to navigate through this guide. We recommend you starting from the First Aid section. If your […]

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