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One day you turn on your PC and suddenly your iTunes is empty – music is missing, videos are gone.

Such errors usually happen, when a certain action prevented iTunes from finishing writing to its’ library, e.g. when you were updating your device and it got disconnected, resulting in iTunes library corruption. If you feel like your Apple device got corrupted, please see an article on how you can fix iPhone or iPod corruption..

There is no safe fix that will guarantee that your iTunes Library is fully recovered. In order to have a healthy iTunes, we advise creating a new library and populating it with tracks from your PC.

Following this tutorial will help you get rid of damaged iTunes library in a matter of minutes.

How to troubleshoot corrupted iTunes Library

  1. First, create a new iTunes library. Find iTunes icon on your desktop. Select it (single click) and, while holding a SHIFT key, double click on the icon. The following window will appear where you have to click on “Create Library”:
    Choose Create Library option

  2. Navigate to the folder where you want your iTunes to be stored. We usually suggest to select My Music folder, just to keep things simple. Upon selecting, click Save.
    Choose a location for the new iTunes library

  3. TIP: by this method, you can also have several iTunes libraries on one PC. Switch between them by selecting “Choose Library” option.

  4. iTunes window will open automatically. As expected, it will be completely empty. Now you have to manually populate your new library with desired content from your PC.

Transfer your iTunes Library content from your device

There’s also a faster alternative – if you had your iPhone, iPad or iPod synchronized with previous iTunes library – just go with CopyTrans. It’s a one-click solution to populate your empty iTunes Library with tracks from your device:

Transfer your music from iDevice to PC with CopyTrans

Transfer music to iTunes with CopyTrans

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