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Lost your iTunes library after an iTunes update or your iTunes library on your new PC empty? Good thing you have all the track on your iPhone – we can easily restore music to iTunes. Follow this guide to learn how to recover iTunes library.

Empty itunes library

Recover music from iPhone to iTunes – YouTube tutorial:

How to recover iTunes library

Recover your iTunes library with these easy steps. The method is compatible with all iPhone models including iPhone Xs Max and with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Once the backup is done, your iTunes library is back to the way it was: songs, playlists, album art, star ratings and playcounts included. open-itunes

  1. First, download and install CopyTrans:
    Download CopyTrans

  2. Make sure that iTunes is closed and run CopyTrans.

  3. Connect your iPhone or iPod to the computer. Your music library will load in a few seconds.

  4. To restore iTunes library, select iTunes. Transfer music to iTunes with CopyTrans
    TIP: Even if you have tracks in your iTunes library, CopyTrans matches up the contents of iTunes with the contents of your iDevice and avoids duplicates.

  5. Wait until the backup is finished and enjoy your iPhone music in iTunes! copytrans backup in progress

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