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This article explains how to repair an iPod/iPhone library that has become corrupted. Make sure you have read the following article before you carry on.

CopyTrans Manager creates automatic backups of your iPod/iPhone library from time to time. CopyTrans Manager can restore those library backups when required. To restore an iPod library backup, please follow these simple steps:

  1. From the main CopyTrans Manager window, click on the Menu button on the top right, then click Settings. copytrans manager settings to restore ipod library

  2. Click Restore next to Restore iOS device library from backup. restore ipod library from backup

  3. Select a library to restore (we suggest using the latest backup entries first). Click Restore. list of backed-up ipod libraries in copytrans manager

  4. CopyTrans Manager will create a backup of the current library and then restore the library you selected.

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