How to fix iTunes corrupted library?

One day you turn on your PC and suddenly your iTunes is empty – music is missing, videos are gone. Such errors usually happen, when a certain action prevented iTunes from finishing writing to its’ library, e.g. when you were updating your device and it got disconnected, resulting in iTunes library corruption. If you feel […]

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Deleted photos iPhone

How to recover deleted photos from iPhone?

If either you or your iPhone threw a fit and deleted some photos for good, and now you want them back – we’re there to help you on your quest. Luckily, Apple leaves you many ways to recover deleted photos from iPhone, you just need to know where to go. Here’s how to recover deleted […]

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iPhone keeps restarting

Why does my iPhone keep restarting? There could be many possible reasons why your Phone keeps restarting or why is your iPhone stuck in boot loop. It usually happens straight after the iPhone has been updated or restored from a backup file: connectivity issues poor internet connection low battery charge not enough free space for […]

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Getting started with CopyTrans Filey

Hello! If you are here, you probably seek to use CopyTrans Filey. Let us help you on your quest! CopyTrans Filey will help you to: ✅ Transfer files between your PC and iOS devices over Wi-Fi; ✅ Delete files from applications on your iPhone / iPad to free up space; ✅ Open files from iPhone […]

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how to print from iphone

How to print from iPhone

Apple introduced AirPrint to answer the question of millions of iPhone users – how to print from iPhone? But AirPrint is not always the answer. There are pretty common issues of AirPrint not working, or no AirPrint printers found. And what if you want to print messages, contacts but you don’t have an AirPrint-enabled printer […]

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