How to add Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to iPhone or iPad

This tutorial explains how to transfer Microsoft Office documents, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, from PC to iPhone or iPad. You can then open and edit the transferred documents on your iOS device or transfer them to another PC. Forget about emailing the documents to yourself, we’ve got a better idea! One can hardly […]

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How to put movies on iPad

Have you ever dreamed of putting movies on an iPad in a fast and reliable way? Well, no more struggling with formats which iTunes doesn’t favor or wasting time when syncing your device. Make your dream come true with our guide on how to transfer your favourite videos to iPad. iPad is the perfect tool […]

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CopyTrans Filey User Guides

CopyTrans Filey is a handy little app that helps you transfer files between your PC and iOS devices over Wi-Fi or cable and basically use your iPhone as a USB stick. This article lists all tutorials available for CopyTrans Filey so far. Getting started with CopyTrans Filey How to turn your iPhone into a USB […]

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How to transfer videos from Android to iPhone and iPad?

You are moving from Samsung to Apple and wonder how to transfer videos from Android to iPhone? You’ve come to the right place. Forget about sending videos by email, we’ve got a better idea that will also save you time! While transferring videos from Android to PC is relatively easy, iPhone might give you a […]

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Getting started with CopyTrans Filey

Hello! If you are here, you probably seek to use CopyTrans Filey. Let us help you on your quest! CopyTrans Filey will help you to: ✅ Transfer files between your PC and iOS devices over Wi-Fi; ✅ Delete files from applications on your iPhone / iPad to free up space; ✅ Open files from iPhone […]

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how to print from iphone

How to print from iPhone

Apple introduced AirPrint to answer the question of millions of iPhone users – how to print from iPhone? But AirPrint is not always the answer. There are pretty common issues of AirPrint not working, or no AirPrint printers found. And what if you want to print messages, contacts but you don’t have an AirPrint-enabled printer […]

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