iCloud Music Library limitations

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: CopyTrans Manager can now work with Apple Music! As usual as it is with Apple, there are some limitations we couldn’t avoid due to inflexibility of Apple systems. Here are the limitations: When you add music to your iPhone with CopyTrans Manager it stays on this iPhone […]

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iPod classic won’t sync – CopyTrans Manager

Your iPod classic won’t sync with CopyTrans Manager? The problem seems to have affected old iPod like iPod nano and iPod classic. As a result, users make changes to their iPods and they’re not reflected on their devices. This guide offers a walk-through of the steps that help CopyTrans Manager to recognize and manage your […]

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CopyTrans Troubleshooting

Welcome to CopyTrans support page. It contains a collection of the most common support cases prepared by our customer support agents. You will mostly likely find everything you need on this page. Please use the main Table of contents to navigate through this guide. We recommend you starting from the First Aid section. If your […]

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YouTube video guides for CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is the lightweight alternative to iTunes. It helps you edit, remove and add songs, videos and playlists to any iPhone or iPod without iTunes. This article lists all YouTube video guides for CopyTrans Manager. Manage your iPod/iPhone without iTunes – Tutorial Add iPod/iPhone artwork automatically – CopyTrans Manager How to install the CopyTrans […]

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CopyTrans Manager User Guides

Looking for a lightweight free alternative to iTunes? Look no further than CopyTrans Manager. It performs all the basic iTunes functions on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod including adding and removing songs and videos, creating and editing playlists, finding and adding album artwork and editing track tags. This article lists all tutorials available for CopyTrans […]

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Tracks are grayed and marked with a cloud icon

CopyTrans Manager can read the following file types: .mp3, .m4r, .m4a, .aac, .wav. These may be music files, videos, ringtones or audiobooks that you’ve downloaded directly from PC, from iTunes or purchased through the iTunes Store. The tracks that you’ve bought from the iTunes Store are considered to be cloud music. CopyTrans Manager can see […]

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Why are my iPhone or iPod tracks in Chinese?

You were using CopyTrans or CopyTrans Manager for ages and it was working perfectly fine. Until now. Today you opened the app and saw that all your tracks are in Chinese. Suddenly your Music Library looks like this. Your computer has always been in English and the app language is English as well, but all […]

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Getting Started with CopyTrans Manager

A media-player that needs one minute to open, another minute to load your iPod contents and an eternity to synchronize your iPhone can quickly become annoying. That is why we made CopyTrans Manager, the iTunes Alternative that is fast, light & 100% free. Organize your device on a daily basis, on any computer, at any […]

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