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A media-player that needs one minute to open, another minute to load your iPod contents and an eternity to synchronize your iPhone can quickly become annoying. That is why we made CopyTrans Manager, the iTunes Alternative that is fast, light & 100% free. Organize your device on a daily basis, on any computer, at any time.

Download CopyTrans Manager

Get started with the CopyTrans Manager

Choose a section from the list below:

Add music to iPod with drag and drop

With CopyTrans Manager, drag and drop to add a file, a bunch of files and even entire folders directly from your Windows explorer or desktop into CopyTrans Manager. Don’t forget to hit “Update” to apply changes and complete the sync.

drag and drop music track files from pc to open copytrans manager window

Use the following button to add music or videos from your computer to your iPod Touch. add music to ipod

Tip: Almost all actions described in this tutorial are also available in the mouse right-click menus.

add songs to iphone via the + add button in copytrans manager

Remove tracks from iPod Touch, iPhone or iPod

Use the following button or hit Shift+Del to remove music & videos from your iPhone and iPod. delete music from ipod

confirm deletion of selected iphone tracks from iphone

Create playlists on iPhone and iPod

In the left column playlist explorer:

  • Click on create playlist ipod to add playlists
  • Click on delete playlist from iphone to remove playlists

create playlist without itunes via copytrans manager

Remove tracks from iPod Touch, iPhone or iPods

To remove tracks from playlists, choose this button and confirm your choice by clicking on “yes”: remove music from playlist

Tip: If you don’t want the warning to show up every time you remove or delete a track, just check the “Don’t show this message again” option.

copytrans manager prompt to remove selected tracks from iphone playlist

Edit ID-Tags, lyrics and iPod album artwork

You can open the Tag-Editor by clicking the Edit button or through a right button mouse click. You can edit the title, artist, album, lyrics and artwork.edit iphone content

Confirm changes by pressing the Apply button. save music to ipod touch

copytrans artwork search window

Synchronize iPad, iPod and iPhone without iTunes

CopyTrans Manager offers 2 possibilities to synchronize your device:

  • Immediately after a change: Visit the Settings tab to enable this option.
  • On demand: Click on the Update button.
    sync iphone without itunes
  • update button to apply changes in copytrans manager

    Integrated media player

    Play iPod songs and watch iPhone movies on every PC, anytime you want.

    To play songs and movies which are on your device using the integrated player, select the tracks from the main track listing and click the player launcher at the bottom left corner.
    itunes alternative for iphone

    During playback you can change the play order, add more songs or play tracks in shuffle or repeat one/repeat all mode.

    copytrans manager music player window

    Install your iPod manager on your device

    By installing CopyTrans Manager on your iPod or USB-stick you can play your music, videos and films whenever you want on absolutely any computer. (Please respect copyrighted material.)

    copytrans manager portable version installed on ipod

    To install CopyTrans Manager on your iPod or USB-stick (excl. iTouch and iPhone) please:

    • Download the standalone zip file from our download page →
    • Open the iPod summary in iTunes and choose “enable disk use”.
    • Browse your iPod disk using Windows Explorer.
    • Extract CopyTransManager.exe from the downloaded zip directly into a “CopyTrans Manager” folder on your iPod.

    Now you can use the iPod manager on any PC without installing it.

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Marika (pronounce like 'Merica) dreams of saving the world from boredom. Fairly believes that she was the one for the part of Wonder Woman in DC movies, but for now she is eager to make your CopyTrans journey remarkable.