Manage iPhone and iPad photos: CopyTrans Photo user guides

CopyTrans Photo is an easy solution to transfer photos between PC and iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The list of tutorials below summarizes CopyTrans Photo’s different features including one-click photo backup to computer, deleting Camera Roll photos and organizing photos and videos into albums. This page lists all CopyTrans Photo support user guides by topic. Transfer […]

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How to download photos from iPhone to computer

If you’ve come looking for how to download photos from iPhone to computer, you already know this is where Apple sets you a series of challenges. This article is here to help. It will also help those searching for how to transfer photos from iPad to computer – or any other iOS device. So, how […]

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How to Transfer Photos to iPhone

Your photos are stored on PC and you are looking for a way to transfer those pictures from PC to iPhone? In this article we will show you 2 ways how to transfer photos on iPhone from computer. The following methods work perfectly for any iPhone, as well as iPad and iPod touch. Choose whichever […]

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How to transfer photo albums from iPad to PC?

If you are reading this, you probably spend a lot of time organizing iPad photos in albums. Don’t spend even more time trying to transfer those albums to PC. All you see when you access the iPad on your computer is a set of random photo folders that have nothing to do with the albums […]

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How iCloud Photos affects CopyTrans Photo?

What is iCloud Photos and how does it work? iCloud Photos is a setting on your device which keeps every photo and video you take in iCloud, so you can access your library from any device, whenever you want. Your media are organised into Years, Months, Days and All Photos. When you have iCloud Photos […]

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Getting Started with CopyTrans Photo

Manage your iPhone photos on PC without iTunes Take full control of your iPod, iPad and iPhone photos and videos with CopyTrans Photo. We designed this powerful tool to allow you to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC and back the easiest possible way. CopyTrans Photo is fully compatible with all iOS devices […]

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how to print from iphone

How to print from iPhone

Apple introduced AirPrint to answer the question of millions of iPhone users – how to print from iPhone? But AirPrint is not always the answer. There are pretty common issues of AirPrint not working, or no AirPrint printers found. And what if you want to print messages, contacts but you don’t have an AirPrint-enabled printer […]

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YouTube video guides for CopyTrans Photo

This article lists all YouTube video tutorials available for CopyTrans Photo. The first video is a quick overview of what the program can help you achieve. Video tutorials: transfer iPhone photos How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone How to transfer iPhone photos to PC How to transfer iPad photo albums to PC How […]

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How to Organize Photos on iPhone?

Those of us who like to keep things organized know how pleasant is the feeling, when you have all your photos sorted out. In this article, we examine the easiest possible way how to organize photos on iPhone. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a tip or two. Best way to organize photos on iPhone […]

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